5 Ways To Handle HIV During Pregnancy

Ways To Handle HIV During Pregnancy

HIV is one if the most horrifying and dangerous disease anyone can think having! This disease comes with a lot of complications which can get your body and health worsens the condition gets even worse when you are pregnant with this disease. HIV also known as Human Immunodeficiency syndrome which directly attacks the immune system of the body which fights and resist various disease and infections and keeps the body healthy! With this disease, the body of a person becomes less resistant to the disease and gets into more trouble. Also the risk of developing AIDS gets enhanced for the women suffering from HIV. HIV can spread with unprotected sex, vaginal fluid and also through breast feeding and thus, it becomes very harmful to get pregnant with this disease.

Pregnancy Gets A Concern For Women Suffering From This Disease And Here Are Some Of The Tips Which Can Be Followed To Hinder The Spread Of Hiv In The Baby:

1. Go For HIV Medications

Medications are one of the most effective ways to fight HIV and hinder its spread to the baby. There are numerous vaccinations and medications which would balance the HIV cells and would stop them to impact the baby in any manner. You must go for these medications which would make your baby safe from HIV and also would get you treated from the disease.

Go For HIV Medications

2. Go For A C Section

Doctors suggest going for a C section for labor if the level of HIV in the blood gets quite high. If the mother is suffering from HIV and has numerous of its part affected the body, it is very important to prefer a C section instead of the natural method for labor as it can save the child from getting HIV. Thus C section is a better choice for mothers with HIV. Mostly, the HIV virus spreads due to direct contact of mother’s blood and thus a C section can help in case the water breaks and the child have to suffer from the infection too!

Go For A C Section

3. Do Not Breast Feed The Baby

Breast feeding is one of the ways you can spread this harmful disease to our kid. One of the most prominent reasons of spreading HIV virus and infection to the baby so from the breast feeding which, must be avoided. Until and unless your doctor does not suggest, do not breast fed your baby. Mil is one of the medium of s\HIV spread and thus breast feeding must be avoided.

Do Not Breast Feed The Baby

4. Test The Baby With Antiretroviral Therapy

After the labor it is highly important to detect whether your baby is infected with the disease or not. With the consultation of the doctor, you must go for an antiretroviral therapy test for your baby who would detect whether the baby is HIV negative or HIV positive. This test would help the doctors suggest proper medications or treatment for you and your baby.

Test The Baby With Antiretroviral Therapy

5. Go For Other Tests And Medications

HIV comes with a lot of other complications and risks attached. If a woman is suffering from HIV, it may be possible that the woman also having such other disease and infections like hepatitis, tuberculosis etc which are life threatening and harmful. It is a very well known fact that HIV kills the immune system’s resistance capability towards disease and thus a pregnant woman must go for these tests to save the baby from these other disease and infections.

Go For Other Tests And Medications