5 Ways To Improve The Libido Of Older Women

Improve the Libido of Older Women

Improve the Libido of Older Women Sexual satisfaction is important to retain the joy and interest in marital life. Many a time, we find the men and women lose libido or interest which affects their entire relationship. As you grow older, female libido comes down and this is a matter of great disconcert for many men.

If you are in your middle age and have problems with sexual interest, below are some suggestions to increase libido in older women.

As the women advance in age, a number of hormonal changes happen in the body that can play havoc with your normal interests. The vagina starts slumping and become lax with age which tampers sexual satisfaction in men. There would also be considerable dryness of the vagina due to hormone fluctuations. All these can be rectified and sexual satisfaction attained through a little care. Here’s how.

Tips To Improve Libido In Older Women

One of the commonest problems faced by older women is the loss of lubrication in the vagina. This is a great problem that can lead to tremendous pain and discomfort during sex. Women start fearing sexual encounters and try to avoid such circumstances in their lives.

Vaginal dryness can be combated through the use of vaginal lubricants and creams. A good gynaecologist will be able to suggest the best option for you. Vitamin E suppositories too are good options that can be tried for increasing vaginal lubrication for better sex.

Vaginal muscles become very relaxed after several childbirths and most women do not feel any sensation and cannot satisfy their partners as well due to lax vaginal muscles. This problem can be taken care of with the right pelvic exercises to strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles.

A simple pelvic exercise that you can try wherever you are is to squeeze your pelvic muscles for as much times as you can and release them. This is the same way you do when you want to suppress your urge to urinate.

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Low energy levels as you age are a common problem and must be addressed adequately if you want to enjoy sex during old age. Exercise is a great way to stay in shape and build energy and confidence. Simple exercises like walking, swimming and cycling will help you burn those extra calories, tone core muscles and build energy and general wellness

For hormone related problems after menopause, one can try estrogen therapy which can help regain sexual energy. Estrogen that is available in its natural form can be used as gels or creams or through oral injections with the guidance of a doctor.

Finally, sexual intimacy is very important even during old age and lack of intimacy and opportunities will also lead to low sexual libido in older women. Make sure that you have enough intimate sessions with your partner and stimulate your imagination by trying new positions, watching erotic movies together and also through date nights and use of external stimulants. For greater support and guidance, consult and sex therapist or sexologist who can help you attain greater sexual energy through many other methods.