Treat Cyst On Ovary Symptoms A cyst is a sack like structure which has a membrane with different characteristics from the tissues around it. Cyst formation is very common and can form at any place in the body. They can disappear on their own but sometimes surgery is required. The ovaries are located on the two sides of the uterus. The ovaries release the eggs and also estrogen, which helps in menstruation. The Cyst of the ovary symptoms is very common during the age of 20-30 years of woman.5 ways to Treat cyst on ovary symptom.

Treatment For Cyst On Ovary Symptoms

Observe And Decide

The first way is to keep the cyst on observation. You may have to do an ultrasonography once every three weeks to check the status of the cyst, in most cases the cyst automatically dissolves. You should check with the doctor immediately if you are having pain in lower abdomen and getting a fever or vomiting.

Most of the ovarian cyst disappears after few months without any such treatments but some serious cysts needs to be treated immediately. If the cyst becomes large then it can lead to internal bleeding and torsion.


Ovarian cyst is can be diagnosed by ultrasound, laparoscopy, CT or MRI, and Serum CA-125 assay. CA 125 assay is a particular confirmoatory hormone marker for Ovarian cancer.


Frozen sectioning and Biopsy is also a definitive decision maker in identification of cyst on the ovary. Signs like abnormal hairfall and bleeding is a strong diagnostic aid in treatment of Cyst on the Ovary.

Surgical Eradication

Then comes the surgery, the surgery is only done to those women who have a very large cyst and is causing them discomfort,, like menopause and pain. The surgery can be done in various ways like Laparoscopy, Hysterectomy, Cystectomy and Laparotomy.

The Healthy Diet

The Doctor suggests eating food which is rich of fat and proteins, like butter, cashew nuts, etc. The fat will burn and release better hormones so the cyst might dissolve in it.

The Healthy Diet

Red meat should be avoided to some extent. Accompanying a proper and nutritious diet along with daily dose of proper Yoga is also believed to be helpful in the treatment plan of the disease.

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Natural Therapy

There are few ways of treating ovarian cyst naturally. The natural methods are reducing the estrogen secretion and increase progesterone secretion, this can happen by adopting some good habits. Injecting Diabetic drugs like Insulin has also shown marked improvement because Insulin reverts back the mechanism of action of the hormones thus decreasing triglyceraldehyde level and increasing rate of clotting time.

Natural Therapy

Some precautions that could be maintained are, less smoking, less consumption of alcohol, not staying am awake late at night, eating a proper diet. There is not much medication available for ovarian cyst but a healthy life style is very much important to prevent the growth of ovarian cyst. The good news is that with the advanced medical facilities, there are several treatments available for Cyst on the Ovary. It is is completely curable if diagnosed at an early stage.

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