5 Ways To Treat Ovarian Cyst Dermoid

Ovarian Cyst Dermoid Life, in short is very unpredictable. One could be healthy at a particular moment and the next moment may succumb to a sudden illness. As per the researchers, the latest talked about is the emergence of a deadly medical ‘villian’ called the Ovarian Cyst dermoid that has engulfed majority of the women.

As every problem has a solution accompanied with it, similarly ovarian cyst dermoid also can be treated through several medical techniques which ensure rays of hope for leading a healthy and a painless life. In the majority of these cyst cases, these tumors are harmless and often non-cancerous. Patient should consult with doctor.

Ways To Treat Ovarian Cyst Dermoid


Generally once the procedure of surgery is conducted with these cysts, then a major percent of the battle is won. Some of the surgeries performed are Oophorectomy, Vaginal hysterectomy which is supported by the technique of Laparoscopy, Cystectomy and many such successful treatment solutions.


Laser surgery is also a very good available option. One of the latest techniques involve puncturing of the ovary using laser tip needle for the sake of reduction of the level of hormones.

Chemo Therapy

Chemo therapy using cyto toxic drugs that attack and kill the malignant cells. Mechlorethamine, Chlorambucil, Cyclophosphamide are some of the chemo therapeutic drugs used. Chemo therapy is known to have very harsh side effects so parallel Psychological councelling and strong family support is essential.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy I done uing various high frequency wave of Gamma ray and Xrays that are projected on the Cancer cells and these rays destroys the cells.

Radiation Therapy

However harm is also caued to the adjacent cells too resulting in damage to them as well. This also has too many side effects and thus require menatal analysis and family support.

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Hoemeopathy And Ayurveda

Though this kind of treatment is rarely used but it is often regarded as among the most unconventional kind and many have regarded it as a successful one too. The treatment plan is very long and tedious however these branch of medical therapy is believed to be 100% safe and side effects are almost nil.


Diets having high mineral and carbohydrate is one of the most rational way of battling the dangerous killer called Cancer. Diet is beneficial and important part of treatment of Neoplasia or Cancer.

good diet

The drug tends to cause immune uppresion and weight lo that can only be compensated by proper diet.

In these cysts resides a galore of cells which feel like grease, a thick and sticky fluid which at times even has inbuilt canines. Certain researches have even shown these demands to have a bizarre outlook of an actual human being; possessing hair, tissues, sweat glands and muscle fiber.Hence it is always advised to go for a complete medical check-up especially for the pregnant women, as these occurrences can be squashed and nipped in the bud before dragging the human body into the jaws of death. As they always say ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’.

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