5 Ways To Treat Pelvic Cancer

Pelvic Cancer Pelvic cancer therefore would refer to the cancer of the organs of the pelvic region, irrespective of the sex, which includes pelvic bones, bladder, rectum and the reproductive organs–the testes and the ovary. So cancer in any of these would be categorized under the term pelvic cancer.

Pelvic pain is the most obvious symptom for any kind of pelvic cancer accompanied with other symptoms specific for the part of the body affected such as bloody or unusual vaginal discharge and pain during sexual intercourse etc. Here are five of the most effective treatments for Pelvic Cancer

5 Ways To Treat Pelvic Cancer


It is the most common treatment which often includes both radiation therapy and surgery. The cyto-toxic (cell-damaging) drugs are administered into the body which then destroys the abnormally dividing cells (cancerous cells) and thus cures or lessens the suffering of the patient.


However the after effect of Chemo therapy is very harsh and many a times Psychological treatment or counseling is needed along.

Hormone Therapy

This is another commonly opted method for treating the disease. Here certain steroid hormones are supplied into the body of the patient. They then alter the endocrine system in such a way as to cease the abnormal growth of the cells. It can also involve the removal of the hormone-producing (endocrine) organ.

Radiation Therapy

Although used along with chemotherapy, is particularly helpful when the disease is localized in a particular part of the body as the reproductive organs like testes or the ovary in case of a pelvic cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Like Chemo therapy the after effect of radiation is also pretty disturbing and needs to be handled very carefully. Generally weight loss and hair fall is the first sign of the side effect.


This is yet another way which involves the surgical removal of the affected pelvic organ. It may also require the removal of nearby lymph nodes and abdominal tissues. Various surgical options includes Cro surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Oopherectomy and Cystectomy.

Diet And Yoga

Cancer requires immense mental stamina to fight against it. The strong drugs and chemo session suppresses the immunity so its always best to have a healthy and constantly nutritious diet to help in keeping up with the body functioning.


Yoga helps in increasing the blood flow and metabolic rate thus helping one step further in the fight against the disease.

Other Therapies And Option

There are also certain complementary methods which aides in the faster healing of the disease like acupuncture, massage therapy and holistic approach but as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle is fundamental to the prevention as well as cure of any kind of cancer.

Massage Therapy

Pelvic cancer is one of the most complicated of diseases known to doctors. But thanks to the achievements of medical science, the cancer patients can now see abundant hope. One of the essential components of the treatment is the cooperation of the patient with the doctor. Hence if you detect the symptoms don’t wait to rush to the doctor

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