5 Weight Loss Food Tips For Older Women

Weight Loss Food Tips For Older Women

Weight Loss in older women is not very easy. There are many complications involved with weight loss after a certain age and the woman has to be very conscious of her diet and body limits.

Huge weight changes over a shorter period of time are not good so a definite regime should be followed strictly. Also, you need to talk to the professional before starting anything as the weight loss may also cause muscle loss. However, we have some tips for you in the direction.

Weight Loss Food Tips For Older Women


Reducing fats is the most obvious step towards losing weight. You should take food which has less fat value. Moreover, it is important to cut down saturated fat as it is not good for the body in old age.

Healthy Fats

You can take salmon, chicken breast etc instead of high fat and fast food. Also use canola, peanut or sunflower oil for cooking and only opt for low fat dairy products.


Sugar is not even an option in the old age. Sugar can lead to other problems with increase in weight and diabetic people should totally avoid anything containing sugar.

Avoid Sugar

Actually, slashing the amount of refined sugar and starches is very helpful in losing weight. So, take fruits instead of sugar and buy a pack of artificial sweetener to be taken with tea. Moreover, eat brown bread and brown rice to lower the starch.


Some well known institutes around the world have studied that calcium is helpful to reduce weight especially in older women. It is also advisable that women take calcium at old age as their body is prone to calcium deficiency.


You can get plenty of calcium from low fat milk, yogurt, fruits and juices. Green leafy vegetable also contain calcium so opt for broccoli, spinach, kale, choi, bok etc.


You probably won’t believe but spices can also be a great way of losing weight. You can choose the spices as per the dish and use onions, parmesan cheese, horseradish, cinnamon and others.


Different spices have unique positive effects on body and at older age these can be really helpful. Ginger and garlic are also suggested.

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There is no need to die out of hunger if you want to lose some weight. Recent studies show that eating several times a day can be very beneficial. However, unhealthy snacking is totally prohibited. You can eat healthy fruits and dry fruits as snacks between meals.

Healthy Fruits

Alternatively, you can also divide your meals in parts so a meal can be taken two times. Many professionals suggest eating six small meals a day. However, if it is not possible for you then opt for high fibre and nutrition value snacks.

No matter, how hard you try to lose weight, everything will nullify without physical workout. Diet is only a part of the regime and you need to perform moderate exercises, yoga or meditation to lose weight. It is also important that you consult your doctor first before following any exercise regime.