5 Yoga Poses To Ease Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a common symptom among women and almost eighty five percent of women across the world are affected by this problem. Physical and emotional symptoms of PMS are connected with ovulation phase of menstruation. This problem makes woman to feel exhausted and drained. To get quick relief from this problem many use over-the counter medications. However, it is better to prevent this problem in a natural way. Yoga comes to your rescue in easing PMS symptoms. Benefits offered by yoga for handling PMS are countless.

In This Article, We Are Sharing With You The Yoga Poses That Help You To Prevent PMS

1. Cat Pose:

This is another yoga pose that comes to your rescue if you are suffering from PMS. Get on to the floor. Put your hands under your shoulder and try to keep your knees on the same line along with hips. Try to bring chin towards chest as you inhale and try to tilt pelvis towards ground. Try to be in this position for atheist ten seconds. And after that rinse the head as you exhale and try to arch the body in opposed direction.

Cat Pose

2. Child’s Pose:

This yoga pose is highly effective in relieving you from PMS symptoms. Sit on the floor. Place your knees underneath your hips. Slowly try lowering the head towards floor. Allow your forehead to touch the yoga mat. Count twenty normal breathes. Slowly come back to normal position. Ensure to repeat this yoga pose for at least five times.

Child’s Pose

3. Crocodile Pose:

This is another effective yoga pose for easing PMS symptoms. Lie down facing towards mat. Fold your arms with palms stacked and resting head on your palms. Relax by opening your legs wide apart. Make sure to maintain floor contact with legs. Now, start tightening buttocks together and press them to floor. Hold in this for at least twenty seconds. Repeat this yoga pose for at least five to six times.

Crocodile Pose

4. Fish Pose:

Rest on your back. Now, place your arms underneath your body. Ensure to place palms under thighs facing the floor. Inhale and push upper body against the floor with the help of elbows in order to create an arch. Now, rest your head on the floor. Make sure that your neck is in relaxed stage and the pressure must be focused on back muscles. Relax your legs and hold in this position accompanied with deep breathing. Come back to normal posture by inhaling and put your body and head straight. Try this pose for at least three to four times.

Fish Pose

5. Thunderbolt Pose:

Rest on a kneeling posture. Ensure to rest your buttocks on the heels and place your hands on thighs. Make sure to put your shoulders fit. Relax and breathe normally. Hold in this posture for at least thirty seconds. Repeat this thunderbolt pose for five to six times to gain is advantages.

Thunderbolt Pose

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