6 Best Neck Strengthening Exercise

6 Best Neck Strengthening Exercise

Women across the world are known for the lack of calcium in the body. Due to lack of calcium, you will face problems in your joints at some or other point of time in your life. Why do you want to wait so long for the consequences? It is better that you act fast and keep these problems at bay rather than that of going through the painful experience. If neck pain surfaces then the doctors may recommend you to go ahead with plenty of medications. Does that sound scary? If your answer is “Yes” then start with neck strengthening exercises today.

Chin To Chest

This is one of the easiest exercises that you can perform while you are sitting at your workstation. Sit straight and start with your exercise. You can move your chin towards the chest and then slowly move your chin to the normal position. Once you are done with these two steps, slowly look at the sky without stretching much. Stay there for few seconds and then you can bend down to the chest.

chin to chest

Ear To Shoulder

This exercise can also be performed while you are sitting in the chair. Sit straight and also ensure that your neck is straight. Slowly move your face towards the right side of the shoulder. Initially you may get a slight uncomfortable feeling but you will have to deal with it. This uncomfortable feeling means that your muscles are being stretched. The restlessness will vanish in few days time. Move your face now to the straight position. Hold on over there for few seconds. Later, bend your head towards the left shoulder and stay there for few seconds. You can practice this session five to six times, every hour.

ear to shoulder

Simply Move

This exercise will also help you to strengthen your neck without putting in any efforts. Sit straight and turn your neck towards the right. Hold on there for few seconds. While moving the neck, you will get a tickling sensation. This tickling sensation proves that your muscles are moving actively after a long time period. Slowly move back your neck to the original position and look straight. Hold on there for few seconds. Later, move your neck towards the left and look there. Stay in that position for few seconds and then move your neck back to the straight position.

simply move

Push Up

Pushing your neck is one of the great exercises that you can offer to your neck. Lay down on the floor with your face facing the floor. Slowly move your body up in the air, with the help of your hands. Balance your body in that position and move your neck in the downward direction. Slowly move your neck in the upward direction and stretch it back to the extent possible. Hold your neck there for few seconds. While you are pushing your neck in the upward directly, you need to be careful so that you don’t lose your body balance.

push ups

Exercise Band

Tie a rope to a pole in your house. One side of the rope should be tied to the pole while you should tie the other end of the rope on your forehead. Stand stiff and try to push your forehead to the opposite side of the pole. Initially, you may find that you are putting too much stress on your neck but later, you will get used to it and at the same time, the strength of the neck muscles would be increased. Ensure that the rope is soft so that it doesn’t hurt your forehead. You can also use a long cloth, instead of rope.

neck band

Protraction And Retraction

To perform this exercise, you would require a bench. Lie down on the bench and split your legs. Place both the legs on the floor and your body on the bench. Slowly move back so that your neck can be in the air and it doesn’t have any support. In this position, slowly move your neck downward towards the floor. After few seconds, move your neck up and keep it straight. In this position, balance your neck in the air. Later, move your neck in the upward direction and balance it there. Initially, you may find this very difficult to do and hence, it is better that you perform this exercise under the supervision of your friends or family members. While moving your neck in the downward direction, ensure that you are moving your neck and not just letting it down. If you are ignorant then you may end up developing a sprain on your neck.


These exercises won’t take much of your time but the benefits offered by these exercises are commendable. Practice these exercises to see difference in your health.