6 Cardio Exercises That Pregnant Women Can Do

Pregnant women can exercise during the pregnancy without much worries, especially if they used to exercise earlier. However, one should avoid these only if they have been advised bed rest by doctors. There are a lot of cardio exercises that pregnant women can do including something machines that give you a great cardio workout without much fuss.

Here Are Some Of Them:

1. Epilleptical Machines

The epileptical machines and trainers don’t put stress on your abdomen area but provide you with enough of a speedy workout to get your heart rate up. All of this can be done in the comfort of your home too, if you have one.


2. Walking

This is one of the safest exercises that pregnant women are advised. Just put on comfortable shoes and clothes to ensure that you are not drenched. Set your pace as per your convenience. Additionally, you also have the option of getting on a treadmill. Avoid getting on an elevated treadmill, but the as long as you are walking at a pace that is comfortable. Importantly, keep yourself hydrated.


3. Stepper

Stepper is another exercise that you can do. It includes going up and down on the device which gives you a good cardio workout that sets your heart beat pacing. Plus it really works well because you can maintain a pace that you are comfortable with.


4. Swimming/ Water Aerobics

Since these two exercise forms don’t lead to any kind of added pressure on you joints or even on your stomach, they are quite safe to be done. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dehydration.


5. Low Impact Aerobics

Less hectic forms of aerobics or even low impact aerobics is advised for pregnant women because it helps them to maintain healthy weight and also be more agile during the stages of pregnancy.


7. Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is another great exercise option for getting some cardio without much fuss. Stationary bikes are suggested because there is no risk of falling or injuring yourself unlike the regular bikes were one has a higher risk. You can increase or decrease speed as per your comfort level.