6 Causes And Treatments Of Cystic Acne In Women


Teen age is a tender phase in a man or woman’s life in which any disease that harms the physical look particularly facial look ultimately demoralizes the person. Acne is such a skin disease that affects mostly teenagers but it can affect older persons also. A cystic acne though uncommon and does not occur frequently but when it occurs it is more troublesome than normal acne.

List Of 6 Cause And Treatments Of Cystic Acne In Women

Cystic Acne, What Is It And Why It Happens?

An acne takes place when pores in the skin get blocked or clogged by excessive secretion of oil which in turn makes dead skin cell to get trapped in the space. In this condition normal acne occurs due to the work of bacteria in that area. A cystic acne is a severe form of acne that is a red, pulpy and has pus in it. This sometimes is painful, irritating and causes itching. If somehow while itching this cystic acne is raptured and pus gets out and there is chance of contacting infection also. Normally males are attacked by this uncommon severe acne in their teens. But women also can contact this disease. In a woman cystic acne occurs normally in lower half of the face. Sometimes it occurs in such a number in a woman that it harms her facial look.


Though exact reason behind this irritating disease is still unknown but it is thought that male hormone causes cystic acne to occur in males. Women have severe change in hormonal condition during various phases of life. That is why hormonal activities during menstrual cycle and menopause can affect a woman with cystic acne. This can also happen when a woman is pregnant or has problem like polycystic ovary. For this reason cystic acne can also occur in women who are aged. In some cases it is also found that presence of cystic acne in family can cause this disease to occur in close family members also for genetic reason.

Treatments Of Cystic Acne

Simple DIY Solution For Cystic Acne

DIY solution is simple advice that a man or woman with this irritating disease can follow to retain or control it. Doctors or health experts tell not to touch or itch a cystic acne when it occurs. If it is disturbed or gets raptured then there is chance of spreding infection.

dont touch

More Rest And Healthy Diet For Cystic Acne

If a woman relaxes or rests a lot or sleeps normally, condition of cystic acne can be prevented for stress causes more hormones to secret. Besides modern research is saying that healthy diet that has less sugar content is helpful in cystic acne.

Healthy Diet

Raw Honey Is Useful In Cystic Acne

For women who practices home remedies like face masks can use raw honey in face. It helps to kill bacteria that causes cystic acne. Moreover honey makes scar or wound of cystic acne to dissolve soon.

Apply Raw Honey

Retinoid Vitamin A Can Help In Cystic Acne

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne or cystic acne. But sometimes it is seen that antibiotics do not have any effect on cystic acne. In these cases retinoid vitamin A which is available in forms of  or with creams and gels help antibiotics to work effectively on cystic acne.


Birth Control Pills Can Help In Cystic Acane

It is believed that hormonal condition is one of the main causes behind cystic acne. Sometimes birth control pills help women in this disease. It is because birth control pills affect hormone regulation system in women.