6 Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Fight Endometriosis In Women

Uterus is a very important organ in a woman’s body. Uterus is the womb which bears a baby. Like every other organ in a human body uterus also can develop  problems. Some of these problems sometimes can be severely painful. Endometriosis is such a problem.

In endometriosis the inner lining tissues of uterus sometimes develop outside the organ in places like ovaries, pelvic region etc. During menstruation these tissues start to act exactly like the inner tissues and bleed. But the problem is these tissues can’t escape the body. These remain inside and as a result scarred tissues and cysts begin to develop in the adjacent area. The result is a very painful condition which a woman faces mostly during her period.

Causes Of Endometiosis

Doctors say that exact cause of this health condition in women is unknown. But  rterograde menstruation in which menstrual blood flows through fallopian tubes instead of going out of body and deposits endometrial tissues outside uterus may the likely cause. Apart from this endometrial cells sometimes may grow near some surgical scar that involves some kind of surgery in uterus. Besides if a woman has some sort of immune disorder in which immune system does not respond properly to unusual endrometrial cell development outside uterus, this may cause the health problem.

Causes Of Endometiosis

Symptoms Of Endometriois

It is already told that this health condition is very irritatingly painful. This disease causes abdominal pain, abdominal cramp and lower back pain which can start before the period and stay for several days. A woman can feel pain during bowel movement and while passing urine during menstruation. Heavy bleeding too can take place. With these intercourse also becomes painful in endometiosis. Because this health condition a woman can face difficulty in getting pregnant too.

Here Are 4 Ways To Fight Endometriosis In Women:

1. Consult A Physician

If a woman notices any of the symptoms stated above she must consult a physician or gynecologist. The specialist will evaluate your situation. He or she may carry out tests to determine the disease exactly. Modern science have good medicines to fight symptoms of emdometriosis. There are hormonal therapy too. For complicated cases surgery sometimes is suggested. A doctor is the best person to advise in this health problem.

Consult A Doctor

2. Warm Compress Provides Relief

Health experts say that there are some very easy steps that can be taken to ease irritating effects of endometriosis. Warm compress is such a step. A woman can apply a heating pad time to time on her lower part of body. This can provide relief to pelvic area from pain and cramps. With this having warm bath on regular bath also can help in this problem. A woman can talk a health advisor in this regard too.

Warm Compress Provides Relief

3. Acupuncture Can Help

There is a common belief that alternative way of medical help like acupuncture can fight disease like endometriosis. Though there were cases in which women got relief from this health problem via acupuncture still much reseach has to be done on the subject experts say. Under the circumstance a woman must talk to her doctor before doing acupuncture.

Acupuncture Can Help

4. Join A Support Group

Health experts say that with medical help a woman with problem like endometriosis sometimes can need mental support too. For this joining a support group of women who have or had this health condition can help in fighting the disease. Sharing thoughts and views provides a kind of mental strength.

Join A Support Group