6 Common Causes For Headaches


Wonder why you seem to get those incessant headaches irrespective of taking ample rest, dieting properly and exercising regularly? Well the answer to that might just be in this piece of information.

Given below are some of the most common causes for headaches as put forward by a team of scientists who studied about the various causes for migraines before coming to the conclusion on the most probable causes.

6 Common Causes For Headaches

Sleep and Headaches

In a dog eat dog world, it becomes very difficult to get the necessary 6-8 hours of sleep every day, let alone sleep peacefully in whatever amount of time we get. And that maybe the reason for most individuals who sleep for less than 6 hours a day seem to get headaches quite often.


It has been found out that lack of adequate sleep can lower the levels of a chemical substance called serotonin in the brain, thereby disturbing the regular sleep cycle to cause pain.

Foods and Headaches

Some foods are known to cause headaches in individuals. And this can be due to the fact that these foods contain high levels of a substance called tyramine (a compound of amine). High levels of tyramine can lead to the dilation of the blood vessels in the body, thereby increasing the flow of blood to the brain to alarmingly high levels. This in turn can cause very painful headaches.

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Some common foods that are high in tyramine include ham, processed meat, cheese etc. and can also been found in dried, salted, fermented, smoked, pickled or aged foods.

Exercises and Headaches

Surprising but true! It has been found out that some individuals get headaches when they exercise or train. These are called exertion headaches that usually occur when excess physical strain is placed on the body.

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Exercises like jogging or running on a treadmill can place strain on the blood vessels in the scalp, head and neck, thereby leading to swelling and pain; which is intercepted by the brain as a headache.

Coughs and Headaches

One of the least common but very possible causes for headaches is an incessant cough or sneeze. Also called as cough headaches, these migraines can be triggered of merely by a single cough or sneeze, and can form even if you so much as blow your nose.

Persistent Cough

The reason for this is attributed to the fact that coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose would cause a sudden build up in pressure which would push the brain downwards until it touches the upper spinal canal, thereby triggering a headache.

High Heels and Headaches

Women who usually wear very high heels tend to suffer from frequent headaches. And even though there is not enough evidence to back the claim, there is a certain possibility that these headaches could be caused by the extreme pressure to build up in the balls of the feet and the back. This pressure is transferred to the brain via the spinal canal and shifts bases to the brain, triggering a nasty attack with time.

High Heels

Sex and Headaches

An extremely rare form of headache is caused by (believe it or not!) an orgasm during sex. Called as coital headache, this pain in the head is triggered off the moment you get an orgasm. And although there is no concrete reason for the headache to occur at that particular moment, reasons like excitement, sexual arousal etc. are termed as the possible culprits.

Other Common Causes for Headaches Include

Hairstyles and Headaches

Funny but the way you wear your hair can actually cause headaches. Women who wear tight ponytails, braids, plaits, headbands or any other hairdo for that matter tend to suffer from frequent headaches. The reason for this could be the excess strain placed on the connective tissue on the scalp when the hair is pulled back or tied tightly.


Hair Salons and Headaches

Again a funny one! Some people claim to get headaches every time they visit a hair salon. And there may be more than one reason for this. For starters, in a hair salon, you would be made to lie down on your back on a chair while your head is placed above a basin and washed. The position in which you lie down and balance your neck is quite awkward.

This position has the potential to actively stimulate the nerves that run along the trigemino-cervical neurovascular pathway. Even if one nerve in this path is stimulated, you could get a dull headache that could last for days!

Hair Salons

Salons also contain strong odours of hair creams, beauty products, perfumes etc. all of which can trigger of nasty headaches by stimulating the nerves associated with the brain.