6 Common Symptoms Of Cancer That A Woman Should Not Overlook


Unusual development or growth of cells in human body is generally referred to as tumor. When this tumor spreads and has malignancy then it is said that the person is a victim of cancer. Cancer can occur almost in each and every part or organ of human body. Women for natural reason have some additional  and slightly different organs than men ( men also have organs that women do not have) which are also vulnerable to cancer. Like all diseases before cancer happens or takes its shape  it also gives indications or produces symptoms. But before going to discuss such few common symptoms of cancer in a woman it should be remembered that these symptoms always do not indicate cancer. These symptoms or all of these symtoms can take place in a woman becuse of any other ailment that does not threat a human life. But once these start to show up it is better to consult a physician and take his or her advice.

Here Are 6 Common Symptoms Of Cancer That A Woman Should Not Overlook

Be Cautious When You Gain Weight Or Loose Without Any Apparent Reason

A woman who otherwise leads a relatively active life, does not eat unhealthy foods if suddenly starts to gain or loose weight then it is time to be a little cautious. Health experts say that unusual gain of weight could be the result of accumulation of fluid in stomach because of cancer in ovary. In this way rapid weight loss can be the cause of cancer in lung, pancreas, esophagus, bowel etc. But weight loss can occur for other illness also that includes thyroid problems and diabetes.

 Gain Weight

Extreme Tiredness Which If Continues Should Be Checked

If a woman is feeling extremely tired for some days or weeks, has lost energy to do any work and the tiredness does not vanish even after taking rest then it is time to call a doctor. Extreme fatigue can be the result of many diseases but this could indicate cancer like stomach, blood cancer also.


Continuous Coughing With Blood Needs To Be Checked

Modern women particularly working women have built up a habit of smoking to get relived from stress now a day. This heavy smoking habit is creating lung cancer in women. A woman who smokes regularly if continues coughing for weeks with blood in it then it should be checked immediately. Air pollution or passive smoking also can cause lung cancer.


Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding Should Not Be Left Unchecked

Doctors or experts say that if a woman feels or notices any abnormality in her vaginal bleeding (even in the form of spots in clothes) other than normal periods then she should immediately consult her physician. If the bleeding occurs after menopause then the risk of getting cervical cancer becomes higher. But it also should be taken into consideration that an abnormal bleeding can be caused by ailments other than cancer too.


Any Happening In Breast Should Not Be Overlooked

Breast cancer is common in women. Doctors say that if a woman notices any change in her breasts like shape, if she feels pain or a lump in any of the breasts, sees involuntary discharge from any nipple then she should consult her physician for a evaluation.


Blood In Stool Or Abdominal Pain Should Be Checked

If a woman notices blood in stool for certain period of time, when her stool is thin like pencil and she is having abdominal pain, discomforts and decrease in eating or rapidly loosing weight as a result with these then a doctor must be called for check up. These symptoms could indicate bowel or colorectal cancer.