6 Exercises For Normal Delivery

6 Exercises For Normal Delivery

Women often feel anxious when they near their delivery time; its normal to get scared thinking about the labor pains and stress. However, if women do a few exercises regularly during their pregnancy, they can reduce the intensity of labor pain and have normal delivery. However, women should consult their Doctor before starting any of these exercises to avoid any kind of complication during this stage.

Best Exercises For Pregnant Women:


Low intensity squats are excellent for pregnant women. It helps the pelvic muscles to loosen and reduces pain and distraction of contraction. Start by keeping your feet wide apart, at the distance of your shoulders. Keep your hands on the hips and slowly move downwards as if sitting in a chair. You can get back to the starting position. Remember you should never strain yourself or exercise when you feel tired.

deep squat

Opening Buttocks

This exercise helps women in normal delivery. It includes a deep squat which help in discharging lots of energy from the pelvis region. You need to take at least 5 deep breaths in the squat pose. You should do this exercise at least 5 times in a day. Women who have completed 36 weeks should not do this exercise.

opening buttucks

Outer Hip Muscle Stretching

Start by sitting, keeping your legs outstretched on the floor. You need to gently stretch your hip muscles, especially of the right leg. You will cross your right leg just over the left leg. Ensure that you keep your right foot sole on the floor, just beside the left leg. You can use your elbows or hands to slowly pull your right knee backwards and close to the left armpit so that you are able to feel a good stretch just outside the right hip. You will have to hold on to this position as long as you feel comfortable and then release.

outer hip stretch

Butterfly Pose

Pregnant women should always practice the butterfly pose for normal delivery, as this helps in slowly opening the groins and hips. Sit down on the floor in the staff pose. You can then bend the knees and slowly bring your feet sole together. Your knees shall fall out on the sides. Bring your feet close to your body as much as you can and you are comfortable. If you experience any knee pain you need to slowly back off. Keep the outer edges of your feet together. For additional comfort you can add an extra padding under the sit bones if you find it difficult to sit up.

butterfly pose


Walking is always said to be the best exercise for pregnant women. You can walk on any even surface – at home or in the park or anywhere else. Walking helps in improving flexibility and prevents weight gain at all odd places. Pregnant women should walk at moderate pace for a minimum 30 minutes in a day. Pregnant women should never walk very fast.



Start by standing parallel to any sturdy chair. Keep your hand rested on the chair or somewhere close to it. Your feet shall be parallel and your hips will be at a distant from one another. As you turn your knees and toes to make an angle of 45 degrees, you will slowly pull your belly button in and up. Bend the knees slowly. Do not exert too much pressure. You will lower your body as much as you can, as you keep your back straight.