6 Main Causes Of Drastic Weight Loss

Causes Of Drastic Weight Loss

Causes Of Drastic Weight Loss

Most of us are constantly trying to lose weight by eating sensibly and exercising regularly, which can help us lose 1 to 2 pounds a week normally. However, if your weight has reduced drastically due to some reason, it could be a sign of concern. A weight loss of ten percent, within a period of six months, is considered as drastic weight loss.

If this weight loss is unintentional, it may be a symptom of some underlying health condition and needs to be addressed immediately. Abnormally low body weight increases the risk of mortality, and requires proper medical attention, along with therapies aimed at physical, psychological and social improvement.Elderly people are more at risk of catching infections and getting depressed if they suffer from drastic weight loss. Proper nutritional evaluation is necessary for people suffering from drastic weight loss. Let us discuss the various reasons that may cause drastic weight loss in people.

Causes Of Drastic Weight Loss

Extreme Dietary Changes

Extreme Dietary Changes Is Causes Of Drastic Weight Loss

Crash diets are adopted by some people in order to lose weight quickly. These crazy new fad diets and exercising plans can cause extreme weight loss which is very harmful for your body. An extreme change in daily diet that contains too few calories results in malnutrition and dehydration, damaging your body to a great extent. Avoid such fad diets and achieve weight loss in a proper way.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Is Cause Of Drastic Weight Loss

Certain eating disorders can affect your eating habits and result in drastic weight loss. Anorexia and bulimia are two such eating disorders that affect women who are too obsessed with weight loss in order to maintain their figures.It can be a very dangerous situation, and if you are suffering from these disorders that have caused drastic weight loss, it’s best to seek some medical help.


Diseases Are Cause Of Drastic Weight Loss

Drastic weight loss is an indicator of some underlying health condition. Cancer, tuberculosis, HIV infection, kidney disease, etc. are some of the diseases that can cause drastic weight loss. Certain gastrointestinal conditions also affect your digestion and can result in drastic weight loss. Depression and dementia are some of the mental disorders that can cause weight loss. Dehydration due to persistent vomiting and diarrhea can also result in drastic weight loss. Intestinal parasites could also be the reason behind your drastic weight loss as these eat away all the nutrients from the food you have eaten.

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic Disorder Is Cause Of Drastic Weight Loss

When the normal metabolic process in your body gets affected, it can result in drastic weight loss. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are two such metabolic disorders that are a result of over or under production of thyroid hormones, and result in drastic weight loss in affected individuals at times. Diabetes and hypercalcemia are also metabolic disorders that can affect your metabolism, resulting in drastic weight loss.

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Medication Is Cause Of Drastic Weight Loss

Certain medications such as amphetamines, chemotherapeutic agents and thyroid medicines can cause sudden and drastic weight loss in individuals. Medications that help to suppress appetite and cause weight loss are prescribed by doctors to obese individuals.\These medications can also cause drastic weight loss and should only be taken under a doctor’s guidance. If a new medication is causing rapid weight loss in your body that is concerning you, consult your doctor about it.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Is Cause Of Drastic Weight Loss

Narcotics like cocaine, amphetamines and heroin cause a loss of appetite in the users and lead to dehydration, which can result in drastic weight loss.  Drug addicts often lead an unhealthy lifestyle which can cause drastic weight loss in them. People trying to kick this habit also suffer from drastic weight loss as a withdrawal symptom.