6 Melting Home Remedies For Gallstone


Gallstones are small crystalline stones that are formed in the gall bladder of our body that helps in digesting fat Gallstones are formed when we have too much of bile and cholesterol in the gall bladder that harden and lead to gallstones.The size of gallstones varies from small to big and the symptoms are sometimes not present if the stones are small in size.

The bigger stones can block the bile duct, preventing secretion of bile for digestion of fat. It may cause pain in the abdomen and indigestion.There are some natural treatment methods that can be adopted for curing gall stones instead of opting for surgical options that may be painful. These treatment methods are good for preventing the occurrence of gallstones as well.

Olive Oil And Garlic

Olive garlic

For making a softening solution for the gallstones, take olive oil and add some finely grated garlic and a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Take this mixture 4 times a day to slowly melt the bile and cholesterol that has hardened in the gall bladder. Once the stones are softened, they pass through the bile duct and are removed through the stools, thereby putting an end to your trouble.

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

A tea prepared from chamomile can be taken four times a day to melt and remove gallstones from the body. Being a relaxing agent, the walls of the bile duct will be relaxed while taking chamomile, making it easy for the gallstones to slip through and get expelled through the stools. Quebra Pedra which is also known as ‘stone breaker’ due to its powerful qualities for treating gall as well as kidney stones can be used as tea for treating gallstones.


Celery is a laxative and is used for treating constipation. It can also relax the bile ducts and help in removing the gallstones that are already present. Celery juice can be prepared by boiling celery with water and taking the juice frequently in order to prevent and expel gallstones through the stools.



Coffee is known to remove stone formations in the gall bladder. Coffee helps in breaking the stones and hence taking coffee regularly will help in treating gallstones effectively. However, make sure that you do not have other health issues that prevent you from taking too much coffee while trying this remedy.

Turmeric Powder


Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix with a glass of warm milk or a teaspoon of honey. Take twice a day to disintegrate the stones and remove them from your body. Taking turmeric powder will have a cleansing action on the stomach as well and helps you keep the digestive system healthy.



Radishes are known to be powerful remedies for treating gallstones. Take 5-6 radishes every day for treating bigger stones. For stones that are smaller, taking radishes every day for a few weeks will remove them completely without the help of any other medication or treatment. Radishes can be taken raw every day if you are susceptible to gallstones.