6 Natural Cures For Narcolepsy


Narcolepsy is a complex sleeping disorder in which a person is constantly disturbed by drowsiness during the daytime and gets frequent urges to sleep. Narcolepsy tends to lessen the quality of life and vigor in a person. If one is narcoleptic, then it is likely that he or she will suffer from sluggishness and feel low on energy all the time. This is a very unhealthy condition and it is wise to take effective steps in order to alleviate this problem as soon as possible.

So, instead of going in for prescribed medications it is always beneficial to opt for natural remedies that aim at curing narcolepsy. If you have been wondering about the natural remedies for treating narcolepsy, then you have come to the right page as this article features some of the best tried and tested remedies that are highly beneficial in curing narcolepsy in a natural way.

Natural Ways To Cure Narcolepsy


If you are having a bout of narcolepsy, then you can quickly rustle up a strong coffee for yourself. As coffee is rich in caffeine content, it is suggested that the consumption of coffee gives instant relief from any kind of sluggish and narcoleptic feeling.


Caffeine tends to increase energy levels in the body, so if you are narcoleptic, then you should start drinking at least two to three cups of coffee daily and see the difference for yourself.

Lecithin Powder

If you are suffering from narcolepsy, then you can consider consuming lecithin powder. The lecithin powder is a natural product, which aims at improving the functions of the liver and boosts up metabolism.

Lecithin Powder

Moreover, lecithin powder is useful in eliminating fats from the body. All this is definitely going to increase your level of energy and it is sure that you will tend to feel less lazy and narcoleptic than before.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Start your day by a healthy breakfast and then drink one glass of warm water in which two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is mixed along with one teaspoon of honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Drink this mixture every morning and you are surely going to get relief from narcolepsy. You will see that your energy levels will rise and all sorts of brain fog will lift gradually.

Avoid Junk Foods

If you are feeling narcoleptic whole day, then it is likely that your body is lacking in essential nutrients as a result of which you are experiencing that lazy and dizzy feeling.

Avoid Junk Foods

So, it is advisable to cut down on fried, processed and junk food as these are unhealthy and result in the buildup fats and cholesterol.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

Include a lot of veggies and fresh fruits in your diet. Gorge on healthy fruits, like bananas, apples, kiwifruit, oranges, grapefruit, etc and eat a lot of fresh vegetables, such as spinach, cabbages, beans, broccolis and so on.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

These will improve the vitamin and mineral content in your body making you fit and active as never before and thus, relieve you from all symptoms of narcolepsy.


It is advisable to do exercise daily in case you are narcoleptic. Exercise will not only keep you fit and healthy but will also help improve your digestive and circulatory system to a great extent.


So, kick start your day with an exercise regime and stay active whole day.