6 Natural Remedies To Boost Your Fertility

When we talk about fertility, it describes the mechanism of reproduction in a female and to carry a pregnancy. Lack of fertility in a female may lead to infertility, Fertility experts say couple having intercourse frequently will boost the fertility and chance of carrying pregnancy will be sooner but there are other ways to improve your Fertility, some time fertility power is very less and unable to carry a pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance and other factors, therefore you need to boost your fertility in natural ways.

Below Are Given Some Of The Ways To Boost Your Fertility In Simple Steps:

1. Weight Control

Weight control of your body is one of the fertility booster for a woman, being under weight or over weight may lead to infertility, it is said by doctors that, healthy weight can help to carry a secure pregnancy. To maintain healthy body weight you must take care of your diet. And Researchers evaluated another factor which plays important role to boost your fertility is BMI (body mass index).Woman who has BMI less than 19 is consider as worse, therefore a healthy woman who can conceive normally should have BMI 18.5 to 24.9,therefore boost your fertility by maintaining normal body weight based on your diet chat.

Weight Control

2. Protect Those Sperm

Your partner’s sperm play important role to boost your fertility, hence protect those sperms which you need to complete reproduction. According to “Dale McClure” who is president for reproductive medicine of American society, A man’s sperm should not expose to heat, because temperature could harm the sperm and later it may decrease fertility power by reducing motility, therefore protecting the sperm can help to boost your fertility.

3. Stop Smoking

Your fertility is in danger if you are a smoker, it reduces production of sperm in man and in woman it affects the egg and its formation, sometime smoking damage the DNA in case of men, to boost your fertility you must stop or avoid smoking of cigar, so that your fertility will be safe and improve of its own when you stop smoking.

Stop Smoking

4. Watch Your Beverages

Drinking of alcohol and too much coffee can impair a woman’s fertility. Experts say, consumption of too much alcohol in a day can reduce almost 60% of fertility of a woman. If you want to boost and save your fertility then you must cut out alcohol completely but one cup of coffee can be normal to save your fertility compared to alcohol.

Watch Your Beverages

5. Choose Right Lubricants

When you are planning to get pregnant then you must take care of your fertility, you should very careful of your vaginal lubricants. Doctors say some lubricants like soap oil,astroglide,KY jelle, these all aid to decrease sperm motility later it results decrease of fertility Power, So when choosing lubricants you should wisely select the products like Peanut oil, canola oil which helps to increase sperm count and results increase of your fertility power.

Choose Right Lubricants

6. Avoid Pesticides And Harmful Exposures

Pesticides are very harmful to your fertility. Especially if it is agricultural pesticides, these are very harmful to your fertility. Some time solvents used in printing industry and dry cleaning are not suitable for both men and women’s fertility, your fertility power goes down and unable to carry a pregnant if you are rendering to harmful exposures, to avoid infertility and boost your fertility power a woman should avoid these harmful pesticides and printing related solvents.