6 Possible Causes Of Breast Cancer

breast cancer causes

breast cancer causes A group of diseases that alters the appearance and functions of the body’s cells is termed as ‘cancer’. When these abnormal cells grow out of control, they form a mass or ‘tumor’.

Cancer that affects the breast cells and originates in the breast tissue is termed as breast cancer. Although, there are several types of breast cancer, ductal carcinoma that originates in the milk ducts is the most common type. Mostly women are afflicted with breast cancer but a few men can also develop this disease.

The survival rate of the breast cancer patients has fairly increased during the last few years. According to a five year survival statistics, nearly 83% of women are able to survive breast cancer. Experts believe that if detected in its early stage, breast cancer can be treated well and the chances of recovery can improve.

Although the exact causes of breast cancer has not been established yet, but there are some factors that are believed to increase the chances of developing breast cancer. Given below are some of the possible causes of breast cancer.

6 Possible Causes Of Breast Cancer:

Cause 1: Genetic Mutations

Certain genetic mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer have been identified by the scientists. Genetic mutation i.e. the permanent alterations in the genetic material is one of the chief causes of breast cancer. Genes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 have been studied thoroughly by the scientists and have been found to be the most common genes associated with mutation that results in higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Other genes associated with breast cancer may include AT, p53, the RB suppressor gene, the GADD repair group and the HER-2/neu oncogene. Some of these genes directly increase the risk of breast cancer whereas other may be indirectly involved in the processes of metastasis and cancer growth.

Cause 2: Radiation Exposure

Women who have received radiation therapy in their chest region during their adulthood or childhood are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer later on in life. The risk greatly differs with the patient’s age of being exposed to radiation. It has been observed that radiation treatment after the age of 40 does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

Cause 3: Age

Women who are 50 years of age or more are at an increased risk of breast cancer. It has been found that nearly 80% breast cancer cases are found in women over 50 years of age.

Cause 4: Personal History of Breast Cancer

If a woman has already suffered from breast cancer in one breast then her chances of developing cancer in the other breast increases considerably.

Cause 5: Dense Breast Tissue

Women, who have denser breast tissue, are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. The term ‘dense breast tissue’, indicates that more gland tissue and less of fatty tissue are present in the breast.

Cause 6: Hormones

Women, who are known to be at the exposure to the sex hormones, especially the estrogens for a longer period of time are likely to be at higher risk of breast cancer. Therefore, women with a history of early first menstrual period, late pregnancy, late menopause, or birth control pills have high risk of breast cancer.

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