6 Quick Fix Remedies For Candida

Remedies For Candida

Candida infection that often proliferates as vaginal yeast infection in women can be extremely irritating. Needless to mention that this is more of a feminine disease as women’s anatomy creates favorable conditions for candida multiplication. Fluctuations in progesterone and oestrogen levels in women make them more vulnerable to candida infection especially during menstruation and pregnancy. The result is abnormal white cheesy odorless vaginal discharge, severe itching and burning sensation during urination and intercourse. Suppressed body immunity and high-stress levels are other contributing factors for candida multiplication.

The good thing about candida is you can tackle it at home at the onset of the symptoms before it becomes severe. Women having prior experience of candida infection will be able to detect the symptoms at the earliest and try these sure shot remedies to get a fast relief from this botheration.

6 Quick Fix Remedies For Candida:

Try the following quick fix home remedies for candida as soon as you experience the symptoms.

1. Keep Yourself Clean And Dry:

Candida treatment starts with maintaining absolute hygiene. Avoid moisture retention in the infected areas because candida yeast multiplies fast in moist conditions. Maintain absolute dryness of the vaginal area.

Keep Yourself Clean And Dry

Use cotton based loose fitting undergarments that will help maintaining dryness. Change your undergarments 2-3 times a day if needed and make sure to wash them thoroughly before further use.

2. Use Yoghurt:

Live cultures of yoghurt contain plenty of lactobacillus acidophilus, the friendly bacteria and great fighters of yeast. They kill the yeast and help to restore the normal microbial balance of the body.


Having 2-3 bowls of sugarless and flavorless yoghurt is one way you can tackle candida infection. Else you can insert 2-3 teaspoonfuls of yoghurt in the infected area with the help of cotton balls. Try this treatment 2-3 times a day to get quick results.

3. Drink Cranberry Juice:

Vaginal candida infection mainly rises due to a disruption in the pH level of that area. Cranberry juice increases the acid content of the vaginal area making difficult for the yeast to thrive. Drinking glasses of fresh cranberry juice is a very good remedy for this infection.

Cranberry Juice

You need to drink unsweetened juice because sugar aggravates candida infection. If you are unable to tolerate the sourness of cranberry juice, you can dilute it with water and drink.

4. Try Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a natural ingredient that effectively kills yeast and restores normal pH balance of the vagina. You can drink a glass of water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of ACV twice a day. You can use diluted ACV solution as a douche.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The easiest and effective use is to use ACV in bathwater. You can add 2 cups of ACV in a shallow bath and soak your bottom in it for 30 minutes. Trying this bath 2 times a day will kill the yeast growth and relieve you of severe itching.

5. Use Garlic:

This treatment may be a bit painful but worth trying. Garlic is well known for its antimicrobial properties that treat candida infection too. Peel a big sized garlic clove. Smash and wrap it in a sterilized bandage cloth.


Place this wrapped garlic clove in your vagina and keep it for 20 minutes. The initial burning sensation may be intolerable for you but if you can bear it for some time it will be really good for you.

6. Boric Acid:

You can use Boric acid in a number of ways to treat candida infection. Boric acid treatment however should be avoided by pregnant women. This chemical is reputed for its antifungal property and, therefore, its use has been recommended after many clinical experiments.

Boric Acid

Gelatinous boric acid capsules are normally used to treat vaginal candida. You can mix equal amounts of boric acid and water and apply on the infected areas. This treatment should not be continued for more than two weeks.