6 Reasons Why Eating Junk Food Is Not Safe During Pregnancy

Junk food is prepared mainly for the taste, not for the health. In fact, most junk foods are prepared in a way that is unhealthy but very tasty. Since pregnancy is a crucial stage in a woman’s life, you must be very careful about what you should eat and what you should avoid. Remember, it is not just about your health. By eating food that is unhealthy for you, you put your baby’s health also at risk. Following are some of the harmful effects that consuming junk food can cause to a pregnant woman and her baby.

Here Are The 6 Reasons Why Eating Junk Food Is Not Safe During Pregnancy:

1. Fat And Sugar

Consuming junk foods with high sugar content is believed to cause not just mood swings and irritation in the would-be mothers, but it can also result in gestational diabetes and hypertension.

Fat And Sugar

2. Effects On Bowel Movements

When you are pregnant, your body goes through an array of hormonal changes and your body’s condition keeps on changing with every passing week. So, it is very much possible that you end up disrupting your bowel movements by eating junk foods. Your body may not accept the food and your bowel may react adversely. Such undesired pressure on your bowel movements can turn out to be very dangerous. It can even damage the foetal bag, which may further result in miscarriage.

Effects On Bowel Movements

3. Junk Food Rarely Use Whole Grain

One of the many reasons why junk foods often end up disrupting smooth bowel movements is the fact that they seldom contain whole grain. Even the doughnuts, pizza base and sandwiches do not contain pure whole fiber. This increases the risks of you developing serious constipation.

Junk Food Rarely Use Whole Grain

4. Excessive Amount Of Salt

During pregnancy, your blood pressure usually keeps on fluctuating with every passing week and you must try everything to keep it balanced and normal. The sauces and Mayonnaise that is used in sandwiches and other junk foods, which are actually the main reasons for their delicious tempting taste, contain heavy amount of salt. It does not just increases your chances of developing hypertension but may also cause water retention in your body, the symptoms of which include swollen feet.

Excessive Amount Of Salt

5. Low Amount Of Nutrients

The worst thing about junk foods is that contain very low amount of nutrients that can considered healthy; a major portion of such foods contain unhealthy cheese, sugar and other such ingredients in high quantity.

Low Amount Of Nutrients

6. What You Eat Goes To The Baby

Whatever you eat during pregnancy, healthy or unhealthy, it goes directly to the baby. For this obvious reason, junk foods that are usually loaded with salt, sugar and fat, can be very harmful for your baby. They might develop obesity and other health disorders. Sometimes, such disorders do not even show up at the time of birth and they develop only during the later years, such as during the adolescence or teen age.

What You Eat Goes To The Baby

As you can see, there are literally no benefits but plenty of possible harmful effects of eating junk food during pregnancy. So even if you are craving for something salty, spicy or sugary, prefer home cooked naturally healthy food products. Focus more on fruits and nuts. Do not keep junk foods in your home, as they will tempt you to consume the same. Replace all such stock from your kitchen with healthy snacks. Avoid fried snacks as much as you can; baked ones are better during pregnancy. In short, you must stop listening to your insensible cravings and make only sensible choices.