6 Steps For A Woman To Increase Her Sex Drive


Almost every living being crave for food and sex. A human being as a living thing  also craves food and sex. Sex is equally important for men as well as women. A healthy sex life not only helps a man and woman to build up a family but it also suggests healthy body as well as mind. But in modern time sex life of both men as well as women are suffering a lot. For this reason family bonds are on verge of destruction. Several factors like health, habit and lifestyle influence sex life of a woman. These factors can build up a good sex life or do bad to it. Researches show that in recent times the most common problem that occurs in modern women is lack of sexual desire.

Here Are 6 Steps (Including Food Habits) That A Woman Can Take To Increase Or Boost Her Sex Drive

Always Try To Stop Increase Of Cholesterol In Blood

If cholesterol deposition takes place in the blood vessels then it hampers the blood flow. As a result blood does not flow to the pelvic region of a woman and arousal does not take place. This results in lack of sexual urge in a woman. Therefore a woman always should check her cholesterol level and build up a good cholesterol free food habit rich in nutrients.


Avoid Work Stress

As told earlier in recent time life of a woman has changed a lot because she has started to go out for work. Sometimes work pressure takes a toll on her and it is very often seen that the woman is bringing office work in home and doing it. This kind of stress robs the desire for sex. So a woman should not allow work stress to overwhelm her and she should keep or take out some time for herself and her partner to build up a good sexual relationship in bed.

Avoid Too Much Stress

Do Not Get Depressed

Just like work stress depression also kills sex drive in a woman. So a woman should always try not to get depressed. Still if she has to take some medicines for depression or any other ailment then before taking such medicines she should consult her doctor for whether these medicines will kill her sex drive or not. According to experts medicine like some antidepressants tend to kill sex urge in patients.


Eat Spinach To Increase Blood Flow

Experts say that spinach is a green vegetables which is rich in magnesium that helps in increasing the flow of blood in the body. As blood flow increases then a woman will feel sex urge when arousal takes place.


In Take Of Red Wine Increases Sexual Desire

Modern researches on sex drive have shown that in take of one or two glasses of red wine helps a woman to increase her sex drive while women who do not take red wine do not have sexual urges.

Red Wine

Eat Fish Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Modern researches have also shown that eating fishes like salmon, sardine, tuna etc which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid not only helps in building good heart but it also increases dopamine in brain. This in turn increases blood flow in the body. Good blood flow is helpful for arousal in a woman.

Eat Fish