6 Symptom, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Cervical Dysplasia In Women

Female reproductive organs normally help a woman to get pregnant and bear child. But sometimes health problems or different types of ailment develop in this area. Cervix is the lower part of uterus that retains connection between uterus and vagina. Sometimes some ailments develop in cervix too. One of such health problems or diseases is cervical dysplasia know as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or CIN. This disease is a kind of precancerous stage in which growth of not normal cells is taken place in cervix area. Cervical dysplasia is not cancer. In most cases a female body overcomes it with her immune system. But in a few very limited occasions it tends to develop into cancer.

Remaining Health Conscious And Time To Time Check Up With Physician Can Combat This Problem:

1. Symptoms

Heath experts or doctors say that this disease does not produce any symptom in a woman. It is only discovered if a woman does test on cervix to determine if there is any chance of development of any serious problem or cancer in it. Doctors say that mild CIN goes or dies out normally on its own. But medium to severe CIN needs major medical help.


2. Cause

Health experts say that in most cases of CIN it is HPV infection that has seen as the major cause behind the problem. Human papillomavirus which mainly spreads through unprotected sexual contact between a man or woman creates this problem. Not only direct intercourse but this ailment can be created in a female body by oral sex or simple skin to skin contact too. Sometimes a woman who has strong immune system overcomes the problem. But women who have some immunity related problem or weak immunity become victim of cervical dysplasia through HPV intrusion.


3. Risk Factors

A woman of early 20 or late teenage who leads a very sexually active life with multiple unknown partners is most vulnerable to this ailment. Not only this particular age but woman of any age who has multiple partners is vulnerable to cervical dysplasia. Apart from this if a woman has weak immune system due to infection like AIDs or any medication she is running at a risk also. Thirdly it is smoking. Smoking also makes immunity weak. That is why smokers are most vulnerable to this health problem too.

Risk Factors

Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Cervical Dysplasia In Women:

1. Contact Physician At The Age Of 21

It is mostly seen that women who become sexually active in late teen or early 20s and have multiple sex partners become victim of HPV infection which leads to cervical cancer ultimately. That is why American Cancer Society is requesting females of early 20s to contact physicians for the screening of cervical cancer. If you have developed CIN in you then doctor is the best person who will keep an eye on it, determine the severity and proceed accordingly.

Contact Physician At The Age Of 21

2. Remain Sexually Restrained

if you remain a bit restrained in your sexual activity then these problems remain at a bay. So doing sex with a known single healthy partner is one of the best ways to fight the disease. Always use a condom while doing sex. It reduces chance of contacting HPV or as a result cervical dysplasia.

Remain Sexually Restrained

3. Vaccination At Preteen Age Is Necessary

Organizations like CDC etc in countries like US have started vaccination procedure for boys and girls of preteen that is 11 or 12. This vaccination will keep people of this age free from troubles like HPV and cervical cancer as a result when they approach late teen age. So if you a parent and have a boy or girl of this age and have not done this procedure yet kindly contact a health adviser for this.