6 Symptoms And Easy Treatments Of Sleep Apnea In Women


Doctors and health experts say that daily 7 to 9 hours of sleep for an adult human being is very necessary for several organs in the body to work with full potential . As a result rest or sleep helps in development of general health. But sometimes in sleep it is seen that breathing is halted or interrupted for a few seconds at a regular interval. This disease in men as well as women is called obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. Sleep apnea is of two kinds. OSA which is already stated here and the other is central sleep apnea which is caused when brain can’t control breathing  during sleep properly. Though this disease occurs frequently in men than women still OSA happens in women too. Be it men or women this disease creates problems like disruption of rest or sleep as well as deprivation of oxygen in blood. These two factors can cause problems like heart disease, difficulty in remembering things, shift in mood , high blood presssure etc.

6 Symptoms And Easy Treatments Of Sleep Apnea In Women

Here Are A Few Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea In Women

As told earlier sleep apnea cuses problem of remembering things. It is very often seen that  a man or woman with this disorder is waking up in the morning with same condition of fatigue after taking rest and having problem remembering things. A patient with this disease can have problems like  headache in the morning, digestion problem that resembles heartburn etc. He or she can heve sweating and discomfort in chest while sleeping. Most of the people who have this disease snore quite loudly at night. The amusing thing that experts say is most of the patients of sleep apnea have tendency to snore but people who normally snore do not have sleep apnea. Besides patients of sleep apnea sometimes show tendency to wake up and urinate very frequently at night. Apart from these a woman who has sleep apnea can cause sound like she is choking or gasping during sleep and she will wake with this sound. Moreover a patient with this disorder can loose his or her interest in sex too.


Here Are  5 Easy Treatments For Sleep Apnea In Women

Loose Weight If You Are Obese

Doctors and experts cite overweight or obesity as one of the prime factors for sleep apnea both in men as well as women. So if you are obse and have brathing problem in sleep then must loose weight to control this disease.


Try To Avoid Sleeping On Back

Experts say that people or women who have  tendency to sleep on their back can become victim of sleep apnea. So if a woman has this tendency then she should try to change her habit of sleeping on back.

sleep on back

Avoid Or Forsake Alcohol And Sleeping Medicine

According to doctors women who take alcohol very often can have sleep apnea disorder. So they advice to curtail or forsake intake of alcohol to prevent sleep apnea. Besides if a woman has to take medicines like pills that help in sleeping then she should consult her doctor on this if she has problem like sleep apnea.

avoid alcohol

Stop Smoking

Smoking or consuming tobacco creates various problems in human body that include swelling of upper passeage through which air passes. This in turn can cause problem like sleep apnea. So a woman must forsake smoking to resist this disorder.

Quit Smoking

CPAP Procedure To Battle Sleep Apnea

Sometimes physician or health experts utilize CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure procedure to battle sleep apnea. In this procedure the patient has a mask in his or her mouth that is attached to a machine. The machine provides air to ease the breathing of the patient.