6 Symptoms, Cause, Riskfactors And Ways To Fight Bacterial Vaginosis In Women

Bacterial Vaginosis

Virus and bacteria are mainly foreign agents that cause ailments in a weak human body. But some bacteria reside naturally inside human body or in parts of a human body also. Some of theses bacteria are good and some are bad. Usually in a healthy human body the ratio of good bacteria is high than bad bacteria. As a result the body function remains normal and keeps going. But if that balance is lost ailments occur in that particular part or organ of the body. One of such body parts in a female body is vagina which can contact such a disease called bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis normally goes away in a few days. But if it does not heal or complication starts to show up then a woman must consult a physician.


The major symptom that shows up in this ailment is discharge of a water like substance from vagina which has green, white or grey color. With this a woman can have itchy sensation in her vagina too. Sometimes a bad odor also comes out of the organ. Health experts say that this smell becomes very acute after a woman has sex with her partner. The woman can have difficulty in urinating. She can feel a burning sensation while passing urine in this ailment.



As told earlier the main reason of this disease is the loss of balance of good and bad bacteria in vagina. Like abdomen vagina also has a normal ratio of good and bad bacteria in which the good bacteria is high. When due to some practices or reasons as these good bacteria die in vagina and bad bacteria increase in number this inflammatory illness shows up in the organ.



There are some riskfactors that can contribute to the imbalance of bacteria in a woman’s vagina. The major factor is having multiple sex partner. Health experts say that though it is not exactly known how sex affects bacterial vaginois still it is seen that women who do sex with more than one man or have a recent new partner are frequently contacting the disease. Women who have same gender sex partner are also running at a risk of getting this disease. Besides women who have a habit of douching vagina can get the disease too as douching can kill good bacteria in vagina experts say. Apart from these some women do not have the natural ratio of good and bad bacteria in their organ. Such women are also running at a risk of contacting this bacterial disease.


Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Bacterial Vaginosis In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor Immediately

Health experts state that sometimes this ailment is mild and does not produce any symptom and goes away. But if the disease starts to produce symptoms like above then you should contact a physician immediately. If you are pregnant or have undergone some sort of surgery in pelvic region or female organ then you should not loose a single moment. The doctor will evaluate you and carry out test to determine the ailment exactly. There are good antibiotics that can fight this problem. Only a doctor can help you in this.

Consult A Doctor Immediately

2. Avoid Multiple Sex Partner

Though the connection between sex and vaginal infection like this can’t be told for certain still experts request to restrict sexual activity within a known single partner. They ask to practice safe sex also. Use of a condom is necessary to keep such ailment at a distance from you.

Avoid Multiple Sex Partner

3. Avoiding Douching Also Can Help

Heath experts also say that when you bathe your vagina gets cleaned up. This organ also has cleaning system of its own too. For this reason you do not have to douche it regularly. Experts also ask to minimize the use of scented soap. They ask to use light soap or things like tampon that are not scented. You can talk to your health advisor on this issue too.

Avoiding Douching Also Can Help