6 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Apart From Lumps

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Apart From Lumps

Around 30% of the Breast Cancer patients don’t have any lumps. The number is quite high considering the amount of fiasco that has already been created on the net regarding breast lumps being the only surefire measure for breast cancer. The truth is sometimes breast cancer lumps spread themselves like small tentacles throughout the breast tissue. Yes, NO LUMPS. The best way to get to know that something is wrong with your breasts is to know your body. Look for any unusual changes that might happen. Any strange pain or swelling, which is not associated with PMS can be a sign of danger too.

Some Bizarre Changes To Look Out For Are Mentioned Below:

1. Swelling

Breast Tissue runs from under the armpits to the collarbone, so any swelling in any of these areas can indicate that something is wrong. Most of the know-how on breast cancer symptoms generally focuses on armpits and above the breast area, but it’s very important to check the area around the nipples too. Therefore, each month it is important to be thorough and check all around the breasts and the surrounding area.


2. Discharge

As a thumb rule, you should always contact your health care provider if you notice any discharge from your breasts and you are not pregnant. The discharge can be clear, white, yellow or milky. The liquid can come from the nipple without squeezing it too. Even though most of the discharges are benign, It is important to get it checked by a doctor.


3. Irritation Or Pain

Any pain, strong or dull that just stays in the breast, armpit or the surrounding area is a warning sign of breast cancer. Sometimes, this symptom is malign and can be difficult to identify. Since pain in breast is so common and is associated with PMS or hormonal changes, most of the women won’t take it seriously. A badly fitting bra or sleeping on your chest can also result in pain and soreness in the breast. However, if the pain just doesn’t go after a certain period of time and the pain occurs only in one particular area of the breast, it is best that you check with your healthcare provider.

Irritation Or Pain

4. Inversion

Some women have naturally inverted nipples, while in others it could result from changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In these cases, your doctor would have probably already given you a green signal. But in cases when you notice any sudden changes in your nipple shape, say it starts protruding inwards or downwards, anything that doesn’t seem quite normal. Changes in shape and position of a nipple is another warning sign.


5. Change In Breast Structure

Any changes in the skin that surround the breasts which lead to a visible change could be a sign of cancer. Example, when the skin starts dimpling or becomes indented with the formation of wrinkles that can resemble the peel of an orange. This happens due to blockage of the drainage of fluid from the breast. So, get yourself checked.

Change In Breast Structure


6. Redness

Redness or any rash on the surrounding area of breasts or on your breasts could indicate something serious. Then again, it can be triggered by your new lace bra, new moisturiser or your washing detergent. But, if it’s not going away even after negating all that could trigger it, then get it checked.


It is important to check your breasts regularly and be familiar with how they usually look and feel. This way, you will have a good understanding of what is normal for you and what it not.