6 Tips To Follow On The Labor Day

6 Tips To Follow On The Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the scariest for any women. If you are going to deliver your first baby then you will be nervous and will also be having sleepless nights, even before your delivery day is close by. If you are going to deliver your first baby then you may be nervous so be prepared in advance rather than that of panicking at the last minute. You may be having adults in your house to take care of you but that is not sufficient. First and foremost, you should be mentally prepared to push the baby out. Few of the tips for delivery day that would make you feel bit relaxed and confident are discussed below.

Hot Bath

The doctor would have communicated a date for the delivery and this is the day on which you will deliver a beautiful baby. If you are having little pain or restlessness on this particular date then hot water bath would be really helpful. If you have a bathtub then just fill the bathtub with hot water and lay down. It is always better that you take your doctor’s advice, before you do this. If your water pots are broken then there are chances of infection and hence, doctor’s advice is important.

Hot Bath

Don’t Be Negative

Most of the women think that the pain is very severe and hence, they will have to opt for c-section. Negative thinking is a problem and you will have safeguard yourself from this. You should continuously think that you should have a normal delivery and for that, you will co-operate with the doctors. Always remember that severe pain in the labor room is common and if you think that c-section is the only option then you are wrong. Leave this decision to the doctor.

Relax Your Body


Most of the females aren’t aware of the benefits of pooping. On the Labor Day, if you are in the delivery room, going through all the pain, you can poop. Pooping is a positive sign and when you poop, you make easy way out for your baby. If you have time then you can just go to the toilet and try to poop so that you don’t poop in the delivery table. There is nothing to be embarrassed about pooping.


Understand The Birth Process

A day before the Labor Day or few days in advance, you should sit with your doctor and understand the birth process. The birth process will help you to understand the various stages through which you will go through on the delivery day before you give birth. This will make you feel confident, on the Labor Day and you will understand the stages that you have crossed and also the stages that you will have to cross so that you can have a cute baby with you.


Hold On To Something

Holding on to something is one of the best ways by which you can find relief. Most of the females may prefer to hold on to their partner but it is always better that you hold on to a rod or stick so that you can hold it tight. This will make you mentally strong to push more.

talking to friends

Breathing Tactics

When you are suffering from labor pain, you should breathe in and out so that you have the energy and stamina to push the baby out. This is one of the best hypnosis that you can use so that you can forget the pain and concentrate on the ultimate result. When you breathe out, you will automatically push the baby out and hence, your labor pain would be reduced.

breathing tactis