6 Top Tricks On How To Cut 500 Calories Every Day

6 Top Tricks On How To Cut 500 Calories Every Day

Extra calories in the body can lead to various types of deadly results in the human body. Calories mainly enter the human body with the help of food items. People are struggling hard to cut down their level of calories. It is a regular process and few steps can surely help to remove calories from the body. Make it as a habit to burn down calories on regular basis. Below are some of the few methods to cut around 500 calories on daily basis.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Keep an eye on what you are taking during breakfast time. Make sure the food items should be highly rich in fiber cereals and some raspberries that are also rich in fibers. Take food items that are zero in calories.


Do Not Eat Full Meals

People who are looking out to burn down their calories should not take full meals. It will overload the stomach and add huge calories. Do not add huge calories while trying to remove calories from the body. Take small meals that are rich in fibers and less in fats.

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Perform Some Workout

Carry out some best kind of workout that will help to reduce around 500 calories from the body. Simple walking or jogging can easily burn more than 500 calories. Make sure to walk or jog during early morning hours in order to cut down some calories.


Proper Chewing Your Food

Proper chewing down the food items will help to produce less level of ghrelin in the body. This hormone is mainly necessary for the brain to know the state of satisfaction. Thus by chewing properly, one will eat less in more amount of time. This will reduce the intake of calories.

Eat Foods That Burn Calories

Avoid Salads Toppings

People have a habit of using high calorie fruits as toppings on the salads. Consume salads but make sure to avoid the toppings that include walnuts and other form of cheese. This will add huge calories to the body.

Raw Vegetable Salads And Onion

Skinning The Cocktails

Cocktails contain sugary fruit juice and creamy ingredients that will add up huge calories to the body. Avoid this kind of drink and instead drink cranberry and other citrus kinds of fruit juice.

Taking Fruit Juices