6 Warning Signs Of Pre-Diabetes In Woman

6 Warning Signs Of Pre-Diabetes In Woman

Are you experiencing few symptoms like sudden fatigue, blurry vision, dehydration, excessive thirst and stubborn wounds? If yes, it is time for you to pay attention on your health condition. All these symptoms may be warning you silently on the condition of pre-diabetes. Most of the women across the world are being affected by this problem. If you take proper care to control this condition, you will be relieved from the risk of being developing diabetes. Otherwise, there are greater chances of you being turning into a diabetic.

Here, We Are Sharing With You The Top Six Symptoms Of Pre-Diabetes:

Blurred Vision

Pre-diabetes is often associated with sudden ups and down in blood sugar levels. These levels have their impact on eye’s ability. Bending and focusing ability of eyes may be reduced and thus it leads to blurred vision. Once the levels of blood sugar are back to normal, blurry vision should go away.

Blurred Vision

Excessive Thirst

Diabetics and pre-diabetics often suffer from excessive thirst. This condition happens when there is rise in the levels of blood sugar. Body tries to flush this excess sugar through urine which leads to frequent urination. As a result, your body gets dehydrated. You feel thirstier.

Severe Thirst

Stubborn Infections Of Wounds

Increase in the levels of blood sugar may slow down the process of circulation. Hence, it is time consuming for the skin to get repaired itself. Because of this condition, minor cuts and bruises take longer time to get healed. Thus, this condition leads to the development of fungi and bacteria. Accumulated fungi and bacteria are responsible for repeated infections. Urinary tract is mainly impacted by this condition. It is one of the symptoms of pre diabetics.

Slow Healing Wounds

Extreme Tiredness

Blood sugar acts as a fuel to your body. But, the body fails in converting glucose of your blood into fuel as pre-diabetes leads to the condition of insulin resistance. Thus, you may feel extreme tiredness. You may also notice few symptoms of flu. This is one of the important signs to notice the condition of pre-diabetes.


Abnormal Weight Loss Or Gain

When the body is lack of fuel called energy from blood glucose, it starts converting energy from other sources. This leads to abnormal weight loss. You may notice abnormal change in your diet even if you are not following a diet for weight loss. In contrast, the condition of insulin resistance makes you feel hungrier and thereby leads to abnormal weight gain.

Sudden Weight Loss

Darkened Skin

High levels of insulin increases the rate of skin cells reproduction. Due to this condition, skin of the under the arm, elbows, back side of the neck turns into black color and gives you a velvety feeling when you touch those areas.

Oily Skin