6 Ways To Cope With A Terminal Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

It is a fact that many women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are diagnosed with the disease in its advanced stages. It is very unfortunate as such a diagnosis does not offer much hope for the patient and only 17.5 percent of the women who are terminally ill have the chance to survive the disease.

Once the advanced stage of ovarian cancer is confirmed, you will mostly be in a poor state of mind. If all treatment options have failed to offer any hope and relief, there is nothing much you can do but make yourself as comfortable as possible and enjoy your final days with your loved ones. There are a number of things that you can do to increase you days of joy and prevent stress and tension during these days.

Ways To Cope With A Terminal Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Make sure that you are aware of your terminal stage and ensure that you have all the details of your disease and what to expect in the coming days. The pain could worsen and so will the symptoms. It is a good idea to make yourself aware of the symptoms that could surface with the advancement of the disease. This will prevent you from getting a shock and help you cope well with your status.

Educate yourself about the other unconventional treatment methods that exist if you still want to give it a try and extend your life span. Though many doctors may not talk about this to you, there are a number of clinical trials which you can willingly participate in. There is also a vaccine for ovarian cancer which is still under the testing stage.  Other therapies include biologic therapy in which your own immune system is trained to fight  the disease and increase your chances of survival, targeted therapy where only the cancer cells are targeted etc.

Joining a cancer support organisation helps as cancer patients require more empathy than sympathy. A support group or a survivors group would have gone through many ordeals of cancer and would be able to give you loads of that.

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It is very important to be strong during your final days. This will help you enjoy and not be depressed and be entirely devoid of strength. A spiritual organisation or a church group can give you goo capacity to go on. Mediation and prayer would also help during these days to keep calm and be there for your loved ones.

Spend maximum time with your loved ones. This is the time you can make up for all the lost opportunities where you could not give enough time for your friends and relatives. Above all, make an effort to connect to your foes as well and earn their goodwill. Your mind must be clear and free from errors as you enjoy your finals days of worldly life.

If you are still able to be active, it is a good thing to become a volunteer for educating and guiding others who are suffering from ovarian cancer. This will help them gain confidence, wisdom and also take better care of themselves.

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