6 Ways To Fight A Bacterial Infection

Depending on the pathogen, or disease causing agent responsible for triggering an infection, human illnesses can broadly be categorized as either bacterial infection or viral infection. Single celled microorganisms that have evolved over millions of years and have adapted themselves to live in extreme climatic conditions are commonly referred to as bacteria.Our bodies and the environment that we reside in, is typically teeming with different kinds of bacteria – both good bacterial strains and bad bacteria. Even the food that we consume contains specific strains of bacteria which are essential for promoting good health – like lactobacillus acidophilus bacterium.

An Insight into Bacterial Infections

The world is teeming with hundreds of thousands of bacterial strains. Of these, less than one percent of bacterial strains are thought to cause violent infections in human beings. Bacterial infections basically refer to any kind of illness that is initiated by a particular type of bacterium or bacteria.Most bacterial infections in human beings are caused by a group of bacteria known as mesophilic bacteria. E.Coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aurea, are some bacterial strains which belong to the mesophilic bacterial family.

Ways to Fight Bacterial Infections

There are numerous ways to combat bacterial infections. Some simple measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from bacterial infections are mentioned below. Following these tried and tested methods, can help to cut down a lot of illnesses triggered by bacterial agents.

1. Boost Immune System

The best way to protect yourself and fight bacterial infections is to boost your immune system. Individuals are more likely to suffer from recurrent bacterial infections if they have a weakened immune system. This is one of the reasons why people who suffer from immune deficiency diseases like HIV, are prone to suffer from repeated bouts of energy sapping bacterial infections.The best way to keep one’s immune system fighting fit is to eat a diet that is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin C. These two vitamins are known to stave off a variety of bacterial diseases by strengthening the immune system. The best sources of these essential vitamins are different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Boost Immune System

2. Drink Plenty of Fluids

If you have contracted a bacterial infection, it is vital that you drink plenty of fluids. Bacterial infections accompanied by raging fever can leave any person feeling extremely dehydrated and weak. The best way to re-hydrate the body and concurrently fight bacterial infection is to drink plenty of water and fruit juices.However, make it point to consume only sugar free fruits juices. You can also drink a solution of electrol powder which has been dissolved in boiled and cooled water at regular intervals. Green teas are also good for fighting bacterial infections.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

3. Stay Away From Sugar

Sugar is your worst enemy especially if you are fighting a particularly virulent bacterial infection. Sugar offers the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Eating highly sweetened foods can cause blood sugar levels to rise significantly. A sudden spurt in blood sugar levels affords the perfect environment for different types of bacterial strains to thrive in. If you are already suffering from a bacterial infection eating sugary foods will only worsen your condition. So, stay away from all sweetened products as much as possible. Be a conscious consumer and make it a point to study food labels of each and every product you are planning to purchase to understand the amount of added sugar (if any) it may contain. This way you are protecting yourself from contracting different types of bacterial infections.

Stay Away From Sugar

4. Maintain a Clean Environment

Bacteria thrive in dirty places. You will be surprised to learn of the fact that one popular breeding ground for bacteria is your kitchen towel. That’s right. The most innocuous looking household items are actually teeming with disease causing bacteria.The best way to fight bacterial infections and protect yourself from disease causing pathogens is to keep your environment spanking clean. Kitchen surfaces should be wiped clean with antibacterial washes. Similarly, give up on the habit of hording. Make it a point to throw out useless household items. Concurrently to fight bacterial infections maintain high levels of personal hygiene. Wash hands regularly with a strong antibacterial or medicated soap and luke-warm water.

5. Take a Course of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are potent medication which can fight different kinds of bacterial infections. If you suspect that you have contracted a bacterial infection, approach a doctor. The doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics which can control the bacterial infection in a short period of time.

Take a Course of Antibiotics

6. Herbal Remedies

You don’t have to approach a doctor for every single bacterial infection you are likely to contract in your life. For simple bacterial skin infections apply the digestive enzyme bromelain derived from the pineapple plant. Similarly, a mild urinary tract infection can be treated by drinking a solution of pure oregano oil dissolved in a glass of water.

Herbal Remedies