6 Ways To Know If You Have Ovarian Cancer

Unfortunately, there is no way you can know that you have ovarian cancer, unless you are ever vigilant and know even the slightest changes that crop up in your body. Ovarian cancer has very baffling symptoms in its initial stages and women may not necessarily feel uncomfortable enough to warrant a visit to the doctor.


The symptoms look more like a case of indigestion and bloating and are mostly ignored by all.Considering the fact that ovarian cancer is a deadly disease, killing millions of women, it is important for every woman to know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and get immediate medical help for increasing their chances of survival.

Ways To Know If You Have Ovarian Cancer

This question would be prominent in the minds of many women. A little bit of concern for yourself and a wee bit of caution will help you realise in the initial stage itself that something is really wrong and make you seek medical attention. Look for the following symptoms, even if it is on a mild scale and make sure that you seek the guidance of a doctor immediately.

Back Pain

Pain in the lower back region can be due to musculoskeletal disorders as well. But with ovarian cancer, there would be a continuous pain which may not subside even with medications and home remedies. The pain mostly occurs due to the growth of the tumour and due to the pressure exerted on the back.

Pain In The Abdomen And Pelvic Region

This is another symptom that you must be aware of as the initial stages of ovarian cancer may or may not accompany pelvic or abdominal pain. However, if you still feel slight pain in these areas on a constant basis, make sure that you do not ignore it at any cost.

Bowel Movement Changes

Definite changes happen in your bowel responses. This could be varied based on individual responses and position of the tumour. There would be diarrhoea or constipation and sometimes difficulty in urination due to the block caused by the tumour. Sometimes the tumour could exert pressure on the bladder, making you feel like urinating very frequently as well. Do not ignore these symptoms.

Swelling Of The Abdomen

Swelling is caused due to lumps, fluid build up, gas and growth of the tumour. A constant feeling of pressure inside the abdomen and swelling of the abdominal area might signal that something is going on there. There would also be cramps associated with the swelling and gas and indigestion felt my many women. Make sure that you go for a complete check-up if you have such symptoms.

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Vaginal Bleeding

Heavy bleeding before, after or during menstruation or after menopause might be a case of ovarian cancer. Seek medical help if the problem persists for more than two months. The bleeding can be during intercourse and can be followed by pain as well.


Fatigue due to the exertion of the body is common symptom for all kinds of cancers. It will be followed by considerable weight loss and loss of appetite as well.

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