6 Ways To Manage Pain From Cervical Cancer Shots

Medical science has made great strides through the years that almost all diseases can be prevented and treated through medications and also through vaccinations, Cervical cancer, a cancer that used to kill thousands every year before Pap smear was introduced can now be controlled through the administration of vaccines.

Children from the age of nine can be given this vaccine and all women are urged to get vaccinated before their first sexual act.

However, the said vaccination has three shots that are injected directly into the tissues of the cervix.This is done in a course of six months. The fact that the injections are very painful is a major put off for most women.

Though the shot causes a lot of discomfort and pain, the benefits far outweigh this discomfort and most women are encouraged to take it. There are a few things you can do in order to bear the pain and discomfort for enjoying the long term benefits.

1. For the ones who can bear the pain, bear it without any pain killers.This is the best way to manage the pain. The pain caused due to injection will not last for more than 2 days which is not a long time endure some pain.

2. If the pain becomes particularly unbearable, you might want to try OTC pain medications.The dose can be taken half an hour before you actually receive the injection to mask the discomfort.

Continue taking the medication every few hours, taking care to follow the gap mentioned in the label.Pain relievers will reduce your pain considerably and help you get on with work without much effort.

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3. After the injection, you can use an ice pack on the tender and swollen area.This will help in reducing the swelling associated with the vaccine and also in keeping the area numb so that the pain is masked. An ice cube can be applied directly on the area as well, as many times as you need to keep the pain under control.

4. Distract you mind and do something else or surround yourself with friends and activities that help you forget about the pain and discomfort associated with cervical cancer. 

Make sure that you do not mention anything about it to anyone as this may lead to questioning and again revert the attention back to the vaccination and the pain related to it. You may talk about it once the pain goes and may encourage your friends as well to get a shot.

5. Once the pain subsides, train your mind for the next shot which will come sometime soon. This will help you cope better and be ready for the second and subsequent shot and manage the pain.

6. It’s important to talk to your doctor about how effective the vaccine can be for you before you get a shot.Cervical cancer vaccine is normally recommended for ages from 9 to 25 and before the first sexual act. But recent studies have concluded that the vaccine is effective for women who are older as well as it will protect against other forms of HPV infections as well.

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