6 Well Known Home Remedies For Earache


Earaches are very common occurrences among all of us. We most often do not want to visit a doctor yet when faced by common ailments like ear infections. Most of these aches and pains can be treated at home effectively without the help of a doctor. The trick lies in using the right natural cure for treating them.

Earaches are caused when the eardrum is swollen, ear infections, insertions of foreign materials inside the ear etc. Earaches can be very painful and must be treated immediately to avoid damage to the eardrum. Some great home remedies are mentioned below.

Home Remedies For Earache

1. Onions

This is a very simple treatment that can be done at home. Take some onions and squeeze out the juice from them. Strain the onion juice through a cotton cloth to remove any foreign particles that can enter the ear.


Heat the onion juice for a few minutes and cool it before use. Using an ear dropper, put 3 drops inside the ear. Onion juice will remove all the bacteria from the ear and stop the earache.

2. Fenugreek


Take fenugreek seeds and add some linseed oil into it. Heat the mixture in a low flame for about 5 minutes. Steep for 10 minutes and strain the oil through a clean cotton cloth. Apply 3-4 drops inside the ear and allow it to remain there for 10 minutes by keeping your ear lifted.

3. Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is supposed to cure earache instantly. Take some mustard oil and heat it in a pan. Cool it to room temperature and put 3-4 drops inside the ear. Mustard oil will help you relieve the earache in a few minutes.

4. Castor Leaves And Sesame Oil

Crush some castor leaves and extract the juice from it. Strain through a cotton cloth and set aside. Take a pan and warm some sesame oil for 2-3 minutes.Add the castor juice to it and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Castor Leaves

Take some in your fingers and massage it on the outer parts of the ear and also under and behind the ear for a few minutes until the oil penetrates the skin. This will put an end to earache.

5. Ginger

Being a natural painkiller, ginger can be used for treating earache as well. Take some ginger and grind it so that you can collect the juice from it. Filter the juice through a cotton cloth to remove any particles that may enter your ear.


Warm the ginger juice for a few minutes and bring it to room temperature. Use a few drops in your ear and allow it to go down the ear by keeping the opening of your ear up for a few minutes.

6. Garlic And Linseed Oil

Garlic And Linseed Oil

Take some garlic and add some linseed oil along with it. Heat the oil and the cloves in a pan for a few minutes until the garlic turns brown. Strain the oil through a cloth and put 3-4 drops inside your ear. Allow a few minutes for the action to take place by tilting your head sideways and keeping your ear upward.