7 Causes Of Side Pain During Pregnancy

Causes Of Side Pain During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is such an adorable and pleasing stage for any woman! This stage comprises of joy, pleasure, expectations and not to forget loads and loads of pain! Painful but true! For enjoying this pleasure of getting a mommy, you would simply have to go through various painful situations and conditions which are quite natural during pregnancy. One of these panicking and vulnerable conditions is side pain! Pregnant women generally complain about abdominal pain, side pain, leg cramps and painful body parts during pregnancy and this have numerous reasons. From carrying the weight of the baby to the hormonal changes, there are conditions which can cause heavy pain in various parts of the body. Also women gain huge weight during pregnancy and this can get one of the reasons for extreme painful conditions.

Here Are Some Causes Of Side Pain Which Give You Some Hard And Painful Times!

1. Cramps Due To Expansion Of Uterus And Growth Of Fetus

When you get [regnant, obviously your uterus starts expanding with your baby growing. Though the organs are quite flexible and easy to loosen up, this condition can sometimes get very painful. Women generally face issues with pain in the abdomen, sides, hips and thighs due to this single reason. When the uterus expands and the baby’s weight increases significantly and constantly, this can get a reason of sharp and major pain on the sides!

Cramps Due To Expansion Of Uterus And Growth Of Fetus

2. Due To Gas And Bloating

Women during pregnancy are open towards this condition where gas and bloating can get severe intestinal issues which can get a hard time for pregnancy women! Eating the foods which are heavy and uneasy to digest can cause gas and bloating. Also during pregnancy, the level of workouts and activities get low which can also result into gas and bloating. This turns as a major reason of side pain during pregnancy!

Due To Gas And Bloating

3. Constipation

This another issue related with digestive system and the metabolism can act as a painful condition for pregnant women. If you are constantly eating and consuming the foods which are hard to digest and would consist less of the essential fibers, nutrients, minerals and metabolism boosting foods, you could suffer from constipation which can mess up things in your stomach and give you a painful situation. Eat fiber rich foods and easily digestible foods to avoid constipation while drinking excess amount of water!


4. Round Ligament Pain

This is a condition which is quite natural in women and most of the woman generally suffers from this issue during pregnancy. The round ligament pain is one of the reasons which can make you suffer lot during pregnancy. This pin occurs due to the stretching of the ligaments which attach the uterus with the body. With the growth of the baby, the ligaments stretch while making it a painful condition for your body.

Round Ligament Pain

5. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can sometimes get very hectic and enormous! High blood pressure can also result into preeclampsia which can turn your body into a painful hub. From swollen legs to painful abdomen and sides, this condition makes it very hard for the ladies. Preeclampsia can affect the liver which can cause pain in the right sides and abdomen and could get you some panic attacks!

High Blood Pressure

6. Gynecological Reasons And Cysts

Gynecological reasons include various conditions related to the reproductive organs which can cause pain in your sides. Like cysts, tumors, lumps, enlargement in the ovaries, fallopian tubes uterus etc can cause sharp and unhealthy pain in your sides!

Gynecological Reasons And Cysts

7. Hormonal Changes

Hormones are the wonderful elements in the body but sometimes, they can act as really harmful elements if they get in excess. Hormonal changes such as high levels of estrogen and progesterone could cause painful and hectic situations in woman. High hormonal levels can cause gallstones which can cause heavy and sharp pain in the sides and abdomen. Also the urinary infections and stones can get you lot of pain!

Hormonal Changes