7 Changes In Periods After Delivery

Periods After Delivery

Periods and menstruation cycle certainly changes after pregnancy. Delivery is a huge phase which brings a lot of changes in the body and periods is one of it. There are several changes which would get noticed in the flow of periods, in the texture of the periods and in the regularity of menstruation cycle. These changes are caused b various reasons like childbirth, changes in lactation and many more. Women, sometimes get stressed and upset regarding the vaginal discharge and irregularity of the periods which is normal. Here are some of the most common changes and signs which you would notice in your periods after delivery. These changes are quite common and found in most of the women after delivery which is not harmful and threatening.

You Must Be Aware Regarding These Changes If You Are Pregnant And Are Expecting A Baby Anytime!

1. Irregular Cycle

If your periods are uncertain and are irregular, this may be a sign and change due to child birth. The periods after child birth can range differently for different women. Sometimes periods are early and in some cases, the periods can also get delayed for 6-7 weeks. This is a common and very simply change which is quite regular and normal.

Irregular Cycle

2. Heavy Or Mild Bleeding

Heavy bleeding is one of the most prominent signs after pregnancy and delivery. Since 9 months, you have not gone through the periods and thus a lot of menstrual flow is still inside your body which needs to get flushed out. After delivery when your get in periods, heavy bleeding would occur making flushing all the menstrual flow and unhealthy blood outside your body!

Heavy Or Mild Bleeding

3. Skipping A Menstrual Cycle

After delivery the changes in menstrual cycle is a very common thing which also includes skipping or heavy delay in a menstrual cycle. If you have an uncommon or irregular monthly cycle or miss a cycle, you must not panic as it may be a part of the bodily changes occurring in your body.

Skipping A Menstrual Cycle

4. Painful Periods

Painful periods may occur after the child birth. Women complain about having nausea, vomiting, cramps, heavy mood swings and such conditions after delivering the baby. These are normal conditions which may happen due to changes in the periods and menstrual cycle.

Painful Periods

5. Delayed Menstruation During Breast Feeding

During breast feeding, some women face the issue of delayed menstruation and low blood fall. During breast feeding, the mother may face delay and irregularity in menstruation process which is quite normal and must not be taken seriously. Soon as the breast feeding stage passes, you would resume with your regular and constant menstrual cycle and would get your regular cycle back soon!

Delayed Menstruation During Breast Feeding

6. Bloody Discharge And Stains

Due to several hormonal changes, it may happen that you can suffer from some vaginal discharge which is red but is not menstruation. Due to hormonal changes, vaginal discharge can occur which seems like periods but are actually is some red discharge after delivery. Staining and spotting are phenomenon which can occur after delivery!

Bloody Discharge And Stains

7. Swollen, Painful Body

Swelling in certain parts of the body, and painful body parts is one of the conditions which occurs due to hormonal changes during menstrual cycle. Also due to severe changes and irregularity in menstruation cycle, blood flow and other such conditions you may face swelling and pain in your body. These are quite common conditions occurring after delivery of the baby.

Swollen, Painful Body