7 Diseases A Woman Can Prevent With Papaya In Her Meal


It was perhaps Christopher Columbus who discovered the sweetness as well as some amazing disease fighting benefits of the fruit papaya. He called it ‘Fruit of the angels’. Heavenly or not papaya is rich in elements like Vitamin C, vitamin A. fiber. folate, minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper and a special element papain which collectively not onlt fight several health problems but also boost the immunity system in a man or woman. So health and food experts advice women to include papaya oriented preparations to their daily meal.

Here Are 7 Diseases Which A Woman Can Prevent With Papaya In Her Meal

Stomach Or Liver Related Diseases

Stomach or abdomen is called capital of the body. A man or woman who remains free of stomach related problems remains free of almost all health problems. Papaya is rich in an element called papain which is very helpful for liver enzymes and makes the digestive system strong.

Stomach bloating

Arthritic Diseases

Among the diseases with which women suffer as they age arthritis is one of main. Papaya has amazing ability to fight and lower the inflammatory effects of arthritic problems that occur in a woman.  It is so helpful in reliving one from pain of arthritis that health experts urge women to include papaya in their meal.


Blood Cholesterol

Bad food habits and lifestyle give birth to accumulation of bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood vessels that can lead to heart attck in men or women. According to health and food experts papaya rich in vitamin C reduces this accumulation of  cholesterol in blood.

Blood Cholesterol


Like heart attack diabetes is also a mostly lifestyle related disease. Papaya is a sweet fruit. But surprisingly low in sugar content. A diabetic woman can include papaya in her meal. At the same time health experts say that papaya also prevents build up of diabetes in a human body.


Menstrual Or Period Pain

Women often experience pain during period. Health or food experts say that if a woman eats papya besed preparation regularly she can get relife from pain occuring during menstrual flow. It is the element papain in papaya that helps in reducing period pain and normalizes the menstrual flow.



Papaya possesses anti inflammatory and anti oxidant qualities that are helpful in driving away malevolent elements that cause damage to the cells of the body. Recent studies have shown that if a man or woman eats papaya regularly he or she can resist  colorectal and prostrate cancer ( in man ).


Macular Degeneration In Eye

Macular degeneration disease in the eye mostly occur in old age.  Experts say that if a man or woman eats papaya regularly can prevent this disease that can cause blindness. Papaya with rich vitamin A prevents this from occuring in old age.