7 Dry Scalp Treatments


hair are the most attractive part of the human body whether a boy or a girl , a men or a women ,  and every one wants black silky hair to get this hair scalp is most important part as it holds the hair if the scalp is healthy then your hair is also healthy , now a days dry scalp is the most common problem in the youth and in the old age , a layer of dry skin is there around the scalp and it damaged the hair and hair fall starts and lastly it gives the problem of the less and thin hair with two mouth  and ultimately the baldness this causes another problem which is dandruff, so here are the some ways how to get rid of the dry scalp.

7 Dry Scalp Treatments:


Dry scalp is somehow is the major problem in the youngsters it causes because the improper conditioning to the hair as a result rough dry hair we get and to avoid this we must have a condition either by purchasing it from the market or from any oil in the home, massage gently with this oil to the dry scalp area , now if we are apply hot oil conditioning then make sure that it will not much hot as it will damage the hair , slightly cold oil nourishes our hair very smoothly and our hair looks shiny and healthy.
   Use Conditioner


Shampoo is always good for the hair but it cannot be always good , if you have a dry scalp then daily shampoo causes you a little problems, thus instead of apply shampoo daily we must apply on a interval of two or three days , use hot water some how it will remove the dead skin around the scalp, do not use harsh shampoo, use soft and while cleaning your hair massage it gently with the soft hands. Gel , spray  etc, should be totally avoided as these products have the alcohol content and it will harm your scalp and hair.
  Use A Delousing Shampoo

Scalp Massage

Massage is always best treatment for everything , here if we give massage to the scalp also it will have good effect to the scalp also whenever you are applying the shampoo or any oil or conditioning your hair give massage to the effected area with your finger tip gently , never apply excessive pressure to the scalp are and scratch with the nails as it will infection to the scalp.

Vitamin B

Vitamins and the minerals are the essentials part of the body lack in this can cause several problems , dry scalp causes due to the lack in the vitamin b-6 and b-12 , so must take the vegetable and fruit with the high content of the vitamin B , fresh vegetable, fruits , etc we can take in our meal , we must take food which has the content of the folic acid and the zinc also as these minerals has good for the dry scalp.

Proper Diet

It is said that the all the disease comes from the stomach if your stomach is well your will not have the disease, so whenever we are taking our meal make sure it must be in diet plan, excessive junk food can give you problems, high vitamin and mineral content food must be there in your diet , avoid spicy food in your diet as it has the high salt content which is not good for the scalp , drink plenty of the water always at least 4 liters in a day, it will reduce the salt content.
  Proper Diet

Dandruff Treatment And Oils

Dry scalp causes a white dead skin around the surface to scalp this will come out , stuck in your hair as a tiny white particles which embarrass us , as dandruff is the responsible for the hair fall also , whenever we are choosing for a shampoo , we must choose herbal or any Ayurveda shampoo as it has less chemical content , there are several oils are also there in the market which has the zinc content in them , massage your gently with these oils use always herbal oils.
  Dandruff Treatment And Oils

See The Doctor

some time dry scalp causes big and serious problems if proper care has not be there then it will bald you and your hair will gone, there are different type of infection in the scalp if we apply methods by our own  so proper visit to the doctor is must he will find out the exact problem and gives you the proper way how to tackle with dry scalp as the different people has different type of the  dry scalp problem.
  Consulting Doctor