7 Effective Ways To Treat Menstrual Migraines

Menstrual migraines can be very severe causing temporary problem with vision, concentration and vomiting. Only people who have gone through it can understand the seriousness of the problem as almost every treatment goes futile.

However, there is one surety that it would hit at the time of periods so we can prepare, prevent and treat them with a definite plan. We have some amazing suggestions for you to treat menstrual migraines.

Ways To Treat Menstrual Migraines


The best and most obvious method of treating menstrual migraines is medication. You can take an ibuprofen or aspirin during the pain. Both these tablets are anti inflammatory and anti steroidal. Take these tablets around the menstrual period to decrease the severity and frequency of pain.

Alternative Methods

Some ladies don’t like the allopathic ways so they can opt for alternative methods like massage, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic etc. Moreover, women who are on medication can also choose alternative methods for total eradication of the problem. But understand that these things should be performed by a certified professional, so research for some institutes or professionals who offer such services and visit them.


You should understand that migraine can be triggered by many things. It can be different for different women. Red wine, heavy food, beer, bright lights, chocolates, red meat, spicy food etc can trigger the pain in your periods. Therefore, you need to understand what your body is not accepting. Once your migraine is over, take note of these things and discuss them with your doctor.


Studies show that maintaining a better diet can be very beneficial in preventing menstrual migraines. You should stay away from fast foods and foods high on sugar and salt. Rather, opt for low sugar food. Add a lot of green leafy vegetables with fruits in your diet.


Although, some people claim that caffeine offers some amount of relief in migraines, most doctors advise to limit the intake. Coffee and tea should not be taken excessively as these may trigger the pain. Chocolate is also prohibited during the time.

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Smoking during periods will only intensify the problem. We all know that there is no benefit of smoking yet millions of people smoke every day. If you want to suppress menstrual migraine then quit smoking.


If you can find a neurologist who is a specialist in migraine problems then there can be nothing better. These type of professionals have had handled several migraine cases and they clearly know what and how of menstrual migraines.

Most of the people don’t understand the severity of menstrual migraines. Families and co-workers think that it is just a minor headache but only a person going through it knows the seriousness. There is need of awareness on the topic so the families and offices can better prepare for such problems.

Moreover, women with this problem should always keep a number handy whom they can call at the time of emergency. Also, carry an aspirin or ibuprofen with you all the time and follow a healthy lifestyle.