7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Mostly Women think that they are ready for the most desired stage of their life which is being pregnant. We all are known to the tales of our ancestors on pregnancy symptoms which are fatigue, cravings for food, morning sickness etc. But we are unaware about the symptoms that may embarrass us and we don’t feel comfortable in talking about them.In this article we will talk about the most embarrassing symptoms and what steps you may take to handle them.

Here Are The 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms:

1. Wetting Your Pants

There occurs a sudden burst of urine when you are pregnant. This is because when your uterus expands it exerts a sudden pressure on bladder and so you cannot control your urine to flow and end up in wetting your pants. In some cases, women experience sudden flow of urine to their socks when they laugh or suddenly stand up.

Wetting Your Pants

2. Leakage Of Breasts

During pregnancy some women face leakage of breasts which occurs mainly due to a hormone named prolactin that makes your breasts get ready for breast feeding of your baby. Leaking of breasts occurs while having shower and even while having sex with your partner. There is no way to stop breasts leakage but it is good for your baby since it is the first liquid you will feed to you baby after birth.

Leakage of Breasts

3. Morning Sickness

The most common symptom during pregnancy is morning sickness which sometimes gets worst for some women. You may vomit when you expected it least to happen. In some women it starts in the sixth week of pregnancy while in some it starts a bit early in the fourth week. Nausea may be very uncomfortable but it is not harmful to you as well as your baby. The best thing is it is the sign of healthy pregnancy in a pregnant lady.

Morning sickness

4. Excessive Gas And Bombasting

While you are pregnant a hormone named progesterone is at a very high level in your body which slows down the digestive tract and creates more gas in the body. Your body emits gases so loudly sometimes at inappropriate times. This symptom is also very embarrassing at times and makes you helpless too.

Excessive Gas and Bombasting

5. Memory Loss

This is the most shocking symptoms a pregnant women faces during pregnancy. You may never have thought in your most disastrous dream that you can forget the keys of your car or the presentation date at work. This happens because there are so many changes happening in your body that you overload your mind and it gets chaotic. Do one time at a time.

Memory loss

6. You Start Scratching When You Talk

Scratching the vaginal area is a bad problem in pregnancy. Odor, swelling of vulva, white discharge and itching come into these vaginal problems. This happens because of the growing size of your uterus. Sometimes you feel burning sensation also because of the fluids increase.

You Start Scratching When you Talk

7. Mood Swings

This is not a bad symptoms but it may get worse when you are in a middle of a public place and suddenly shout on people for touching you or come near you. You may even start crying in front of family or friends due to some bad experience you had during your pregnancy. You may become happy suddenly or sometimes too sad. You sound a little crazy in your pregnancy.

Mood swings

For a easy and happier pregnancy keep in touch with your doctor and discuss all the issues and uneasiness that you feel during pregnancy.