7 Energy Boosting Exercises For Women

Women are always on the go and so they need workouts that are shorter but also more intense. These are some exercises that are not only quick but can be done anywhere. So whether you are traveling or on the go, you can do these exercises anywhere and get a quick energy boost. It is essential for women to do some rigorous exercises that are ideal for weight loss and also give you an energy boost. Yes you will sweat a bit then but that only means that you are going to get results.

1. Walking

This is one of the best energy boosting exercises for women. When done at a fast or moderate pace for about 30 minutes, walking helps in releasing endorphins in the body. It also helps to kickstart your metabolism and thus enhanacing energy levels. Remember that walking is suggested for all age groups of women and those suffering from joint pains too can do this with ease.


2. Swimming/ Aqua Aerobics

During the warm summer months, it is quite common for you to feel tired and drained out. Especially if you are managing the house and work too. A quick and yet short energy boosting workout here would be swimming. In fact women can make the most of this because you are standing in water and thus perspiring less. Alongside the water buoyancy from the pool would also help you in receiving pressure on your muscles and joints, which reduces risks of injuries.



3. Interval Training

Interval training is also referred to as HIIT or high intensity interval training. It is basically another energy boosting workout that can be done in shorter spans. Though you would perspire during the workout and get your heart rate all pumped up, post the workout you would not really feel fatigued but will have higher levels of energy. So think of doing fast running for 30 seconds and then slow walk for 30 seconds. It can be done indoors too.

Interval Training

4. Strength Training

Women should definitely indulge in strength training because it is essential for keeping fat burning at a longer span. Most women assume that this will build bulk muscles but that is not true. You will get lean muscles, faster metabolism and alongside also feel your energy levels shooting up. You can do this 2-3 days a week with other exercise forms.

Strength Training


5. Cardio/ Aerobic

If you are looking at higher energy levels with weight loss and inch loss, then cardio is a mandatory part of the series. Cardio exercises uses a set of aerobic exercises that boost your metabolism and are also recommended for keeping your BMI in good shape. You can choose any form of aerobic or cardio workout for 15-20 minutes. This could be either jumping jacks, skipping, leg hops, step workout or any other that suits your lifestyle.

Cardio, Aerobic

6. Yoga

Yoga is highly suggested for women who feel tired and fatigued all the time. Yoga includes deep breathing patterns along with stretching techniques that helps you elevate your energy levels. Doing yoga for about 20-30 minutes a day would help you see a difference in your posture with reduced fatigue levels.


7. Pilates

Another exercise form that strengthens your core, helps shape your body and also gives you an energy boost is Pilates. It helps focus on using isometrics that are known for body toning while increasing endorphin secretion in the body to keep you happy and also energised all day long.