7 Essential Facts About Menopause That Every Woman Should Know 

Menopause is an ambiguous and a vital stage which every woman goes through in her life time. This phase is filled with a lot of hormonal changes, bodily changes and other changes which are sometimes unpredictable and undesirable. Women may experience different problems and issues during this natural process and need to understand the effects and causes of the problems. Menopause is witnessed as a very difficult and confusing state of woman’s life which must be understood properly for a perfectly balanced life. We know that mood swings, sleeplessness, emotional quotient etc keeps fluctuating during this stage but there are many more other facts about menopause which we are unaware about. Every woman knows that some or the other day, she is going to face this period so why not get some information regarding this situation whose knowledge would help in smoothening and lightening the problems of ourselves or other women we know.

1. Missed Periods For More Than 12 Months

Menopause is the phase where ladies abscond the most important phenomenon of their life which they have carried for 30-30 years. Periods are the first thing you would miss once you get in the menopause. It may happen that before menopause, you may get uneven or improper periods, but with a long time like a year of missing periods. You must understand that it is because of menopause. The entire period’s process happens for the child birth which stops at an age of 40-50.

Missed Periods For More Than 12 Months

2. The Average Age For Menopause Is Between 45-55

It has been witnessed that from the age of 45-55, women get in periods for the last time and shift into the menopause. Most of the women generally stop getting the periods at the age of 50-51 and this may vary based on the body another aspects for different women.

The Average Age For Menopause Is Between 45-55

3. Premenopause Is Too, Menopause

Many women experience a premenopausal which is too called menopause. It has been stated and noticed that generally women get into the menopause after 45 but some women face these problems before that period. The ovaries are the core elements which results into periods and if they are damaged or in any case stops the production of the female hormone called estrogen, it may lead to menopause.

4. Conditions Like Increasing Weight And Lack Of Calcium Are The Signs

There are several conditions and phases which can result after menopause. Some women face high increase in weight while some women face the problem of low calcium in the bones within few years post menopause. It has been marked that after entering the menopause, women usually start facing the weak bone problems, lack of calcium, low bone strength etc which weakens the body too. These are the symptoms which many women face.

Conditions Like Increasing Weight And Lack Of Calcium Are The Signs

5. The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Heart Attack Increases

It has been noticed that women after the menopause get open to the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. When the natural phenomenon of periods stops, the risk of the heart attacks gets increased. The clinicians suggest women to eat healthy diet and workout for hindering these problems.

The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Heart Attack Increases

6. Hormonal Changes And Imbalance

This is a phase which is completely dependent and impactful on the hormones. These hormonal changes can cause heavy mood swings, stress, tension and pressure. It is tough to battle out these mood swings and problems during menopause.

Hormonal Changes And Imbalance

7. Skin Feels Dry And Itchy After Menopause

Whenever a natural phenomenon gets stopped or blocked, there are several problems or effects that can persist. The skin may lose moisture and may feel extremely dry and uncomfortable. Clinicians suggest to regularly moisturize the skin and take bath with fresh and luke warm water.

Skin Feels Dry And Itchy After Menopause