7 Most Important Medical Tests Every Woman Should Get

They do not say “health is wealth” for no reason. Taking care of your health has to be given utmost importance as keeping fit is what keeps you going. Fairer sex as we all know has different body composition and biological/ anatomical structure, hence women should not neglect what their health asks for. Blame it on lack of time, work commitments or sheer negligence; if women neglect healthy lifestyle and routine medical tests then the result to be seen is always catastrophic illness.
Medical tests or screening is more than imperative for women as they always keep tabs on your health’s progress, lets you know what is needed to be done in regards to nutrition and medication. Most importantly, medical tests let woman know about the gender oriented diseases and ailments that have been causing damage to health surreptitiously.

Therefore, Do Ensure That You Have The Below Mentioned 7 Important Medical Tests Done Instead Of Being Apprehensive And Relying On Guesswork:

1. Blood Pressure Test

You simply cannot afford to miss out on this particular test which is suggested to be done once every two years. Once women turn 18, they must go for blood pressure test that determines a lot about what dietary change is required. For instance, if your blood pressure is higher than normal (120/80 mm HG), you must monitor salt intake. The test has nothing to do with pushing needles in skin as it only involves a cuff which is pumped up.

Blood Pressure Test

2. Clinical Breast Exam And Mamogram

Cancer is lethal in any form; be it in the bones or breast. The aforementioned tests are a must not just to detect the cancer confined in the breasts but also to avoid its recurrences. It is advisable to have a mammogram test by the age of 40, prior to which manual checking by your doctors is also advised. If any abnormality is picked up in mammogram, you might have to go for ultrasound. No matter what, these tests should be conducted after period.

Clinical Breast Exam And Mamogram

3. Bone Density Tests

Weakening of bones is a concern for ladies once they touch the 35 mark. Therefore a bone density test for osteoporosis at age 65 must not be neglected whatsoever. Women with skinny frame or fractured bone should also be wary of this particular test. The best result for healthy bones show a T- score.

Bone Density Tests

4. Lipid Panel

This test must be done to check the total cholesterol levels by women aged 45 and above. This test is more like a preventive step against increased risks of heart disease. The benefit of this; it checks good cholesterol i.e. HDL, bad cholesterol i.e. LDL and triglycerids.

Lipid Panel

5. Hepatitis C Test

This one time test for screening the C virus is more than important for women born between 1945 and 1965 because this test was not widespread or often prescribed before 1992. The C virus is a deadly one that tends to wear down the body’s immune system that might lead to liver cancer.

Hepatitis C Test

6. Dental Check Up

A test that is covered in insurance plans as well, dental check-ups involve X-ray of teeth and treating tooth decay caused by oral bacteria. Adult women need to go for it twice yearly.

Dental Check Up

7. Body Mass Index Test

With increasing weight awareness and mindset to keep in shape, no woman would like to ignore Body Mass Index test wherein the ideal weight bracket is determined by taking measurements of height and weight. This test helps in identifying early stages of obesity.

Body Mass Index Test