7 Natural Treatments For Depression In Women

Depression In Women

Depression is a mental disorder which is very common among the young and the old. Symptoms can crop up any time in your life, especially those times when you could be going through a lot of personal and professional turmoil in your life.

The symptoms of depression are unmistakable with lack of interest, poor memory, difficulty in concentrating, unwillingness to socialize and a desire to stay aloof. When we are caught in the grips of depressions, the world crushes before us; nothing matters and life seems empty. This is the time when suicidal tendencies surface.

Depression is definitely not a disease, but a protest of the mind. It is important to treat depression if you do not get over it in a certain period of time.

Home Remedies For Depression

1. Apple

Taking an apple a day now has takes on a new significance. It can keep depression away too.


Apple contains several essential nutrients like vitamin B phosphorus and potassium which are required for the manufacturing of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid plays an important role in maintaining the health of nerves.

2. Cashews


Cashews too are rich sources of thiamine required for the strength and maintenance of nervous system. Taking a bowl of cashews will also provide you with riboflavin which is necessary for increasing the energy levels in your body and keeping you very active and happy.

3. Asparagus

This heavenly root can nourish the nerves and brain and urge them to perform well and not crack under pressure.


The root of asparagus can be powdered and added in the diet as it is packed with a number of essential nutrients that can help in mental and nervous system health.

4. Cardamom

An aromatic spice par excellence, cardamom is used in a variety of sweets and dishes as a flavouring substance. The spice can be used for treating depression as well.


The distinct aroma of cardamom creates a feel good factor among the depressed and makes them cheerful. 2-3 cardamom can be peeled and crushed and added to tea for enjoying its benefits.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm can be used for strengthening the activity of the brain and nerves. Take around 30 grams of lemon balm and add it to ½ litre of water. Leave it overnight.

Lemon Balm

The next day, you can consume this water in small quantities all along the day. This can also be taken as a treatment for preventing episodes of depression for patients who are under treatment.

6. Rose Petals

Rose petals can be used for treating depressions. Prepare rose water by boiling 30 grams of rose petals in half a litre of water.  Allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes.

Rose Petals

Once cool, take this water 3-4 times a day. Rose water has a distinct taste and aroma which can help in calming your depressed mind.

7. Vitamin B

Vitamin B plays an important role in keeping the nervous system strong. For patients suffering from depression, vitamin B deficiency can lead to aggressive conditions.

Vitamin B

Hence, ensure that food rich in vitamin B like fish, whole grains, nuts, eggs etc. are consumed and vitamin supplements are taken in case of severe deficiencies.