7 Possible Reasons For An Enlarged Uterus

Possible Reasons For An Enlarged Uterus

During pregnancy and delivery, the size of uterus can grow and extend magically. There are numerous reasons for the uterus size to decrease or increase. Generally, pregnant women suffer from these uterus changes but only pregnancy is not the condition which can affect the size of your uterus. There are numerous disease and condition which can make your uterus small or bigger. Being overweight or any medicinal disturbances in your health can lead to uterus enlargement and require some treatment. If you are looking for some information which can guide you through the possible reasons of uterus enlargement, here are some facts and reasons which you can consider.

This Condition Requires Immediate Consulting And Treatment Or Can Cause Other Harmful Effects!

1. Uterine Fibroids

This is a condition in which the tumors can affect the size of uterus. Generally overweight women can suffer from this issue and get enlarged uterus. These tumors are non cancerous and does not have much high impact on the body but with time, these tumors are to be treated for avoiding any condition. Due to this tumor the fibroids grow and the wall is extended causing enlarged uterus.

Uterine Fibroids


This is a very common condition women faces or are affected with. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition in which, due to hormonal imbalance the body suffers various changes and leads into such conditions. This can be a major reason for enlarged uterus. If during the menstrual cycle, the lining does not shred and instead is extended, it can lead to uterus enlargement!


3. Endometrial Cancer

Cancer is a harmful disease which can lead to several more harmful conditions. If a woman is suffering from endometrial cancer, chances are that the uterus can get enlarged. Women over the age of 50 can suffer from this condition and get enlarged uterus. Due to the presence of cancer cells, tumors and lumps, the uterus can get enlarged and cause painful situations!

Endometrial Cancer

4. Pregnancy

This is the most common and significant conditions where the uterus gets enlarged. In pregnancy, the baby grows and develops in the uterus of the mother. When the baby starts growing and the size gradually increases, the uterus gets enlarged, when the labor time arrives, the uterus gets most enlarged and stretched. This is a common and natural condition during pregnancy and is not considered harmful for the mother!


5. Menopause

If you think that enlarged uterus can be the result of various conditions and disease, menopause is too a condition included in this. During menopause, the body gets through various changes internal and external. During this period, the body may undergo hormonal imbalances and conditions which can lead to uterus enlargement. This can also be a temporary condition where the uterus changes its size and gets enlarged but it would also get into its normal size after a short period!


6. Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are the tumor like structures which can make the uterus enlarged. The sacs or fluid filled sacs in the ovaries can cause such issues like enlargement of uterus and also the woman can feel painful. Generally, urine infections, painful menstrual cycles, body pain are the symptoms of this condition. You must go for a medical help if you are suffering from pain and such conditions!

Ovarian Cysts

7. Adenomyosis

This is a condition in which, the endometrial tissues get large and grown in a huge size. The tissues have a specific growing limit and once the size is increased, it can lead to uterus enlargement. The wall of uterus gets stretched and enlarged during this situation which can cause pain and soreness.