7 Prominent Causes Of Bad Breath During Pregnancy

Causes Of Bad Breath During Pregnancy

Are you embarrassed due to your bad breath while you are expecting? Are you concerned about your foul smelling breath? If yes, do not worry. Bad breath during pregnancy is known as halitosis, a condition where your breath has a foul odor. Even though bad breath during pregnancy is quite harmless, it is one of the most embarrassing conditions. And, this might trigger your curiosity to learn causes of bad breath while expecting. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Seven Prominent Causes Of Bad Breath During Pregnancy:

1. Hormonal Changes

Fluctuating hormonal levels during pregnancy is one of the most common causes of developing bad breath while expecting. As your fetus develops, your hormonal levels tend to change. Changes in estrogen and progesterone while expecting tend to increase the production of plaque in your teeth. The bacteria content of the plaque form sulfur when it comes in the contact of the particles of food. High amounts of plaque on your teeth may make you suffer not only from bad breath but also gingivitis that leads to hazardous infections of gum tissues.

Hormonal Changes

2. Dehydration

If you suffer from dehydration while you are expecting, then it may make your breath smell bad. During pregnancy, your body requires excess of water to support the growth of the fetus and if you do not consume adequate amount of water daily then you may suffer from dehydration. Lack of hydration tends to develop dry mouth, which is also called xerostomia. So, make sure you drink sufficient water so that you get rid of the odor-emitting bacteria and keeps bad breath at bay.


3. Morning Sickness

About 50% expecting women experience various symptoms of morning sickness, particularly between the 6th and 12th weeks of their pregnancy. Certain morning sickness symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, can develop bad breath. Partially digested food and smelly stomach acids come out through your mouth resulting in bad breath. So, make sure you brush your teeth daily and clean your mouth after you suffer vomiting to get rid of bacteria causing foul odor.

Morning sickness

4. Eating Habits

Consumption of certain raw foods, such as raw garlic or onions, while you are expecting can develop bad breath. When such foods enter your bloodstream after the process of digestion is complete they may affect your breath through lungs. So, avoid eating raw onions or garlic. Also, the consumption of coffee may cause foul breath while you are expecting. Also, eating lot of sugary snacks and foods and the consumption of late night foods due to food craving may cause plaque buildup and lead to development of bad breath while you are expecting.

Eating Habits

5. Slow Digestion

While you are expecting, your digestion process may slow down to a great extent. Slow digestion process can develop the formation of gases in your stomach that you may relieve by burping. This may make you suffer from bad breath during pregnancy.

Slow Digestion

6. Deficiencies Of Calcium

During the phase of pregnancy, you need high amounts of calcium to support your body as well as support the development and growth of your fetus. Lack of supply of calcium to your body may hamper the health of your teeth and bones to a great extent. Your teeth would deteriorate and you may develop bad breath.

Deficiencies Of Calcium

7. Health Issues

During pregnancy, if you suffer from any health problems, such as digestive issues, kidney problems, bad lungs’ health, diabetes, sinusitis, or throat infections, then you are more likely to develop bad breath.

Health Issues

Now that you know these seven prominent causes of bad breath while you are pregnant, take the right care to keep bad breath at bay.