7 Rare Complications During Pregnancy

Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate and sophisticated stage for any woman. This stage can open the gates of various complications and complexities along with the pleasure of having a baby. There are several complications which can result into some high consequences and problems which a pregnant lady can face. The [regnant ladies must be aware of such complications which are rare and are not found regularly I the pregnant ladies. These illnesses and complexities are tough and tricky to identify but and thus here are some of these complications we list to get you familiar. Go through this list of complications which you could never think as the pregnancy complication and its severe results.

1. Haemorrhage

Wondering how this can be a rare complication which can affect the mother and the baby? If a woman during delivery of the baby loses more than a certain amount of blood, it can lead to haemorrhage. It can create come traumatic situations, unnatural contraction of the uterus etc and can lead to consequences.

2. Lack Of Amniotic Fluid

The amniotic fluid is the fluid in which the child floats and develops. If the mother suffers from hypertension or lack of such fluids, the baby could rest on the uterus wall and stop to float. This condition can cause problems in the baby while getting improperly formed body parts and somebody impairments. This is a very rare condition which can happen during pregnancy.

Lack Of Amniotic Fluid

3. Gestational Diabetes

If the mother’s body is not able to develop adequate amount of insulin fluid, it may result into gestational diabetes. This temporary and not so harming form of diabetes is very rare and uncommon in the pregnant ladies as most of the ladies produce enough amount of the insulin liquid’s to support the pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

4. Extreme Vaginal Bleeding

During the first and second trimester of the pregnancy a mild bleeding from the vagina is very common and natural but a high bleeding in the third trimester is not very common. This only happens if a high or serious problem of complication is faced by the mother and thus is not a general problem or complication the mother suffers from.

Extreme Vaginal Bleeding

5. Bladder Infections

The baby grows in the uterus and the infections can result into some extreme conditions. The bladder infections only occur when the mother is going through some serious and highly infectious complication which is not proper to get ignored. Thus this is also one of the rare pregnancy complications of every woman goes through.

Bladder Infections

6. Contraction In The Third Starting Of Trimester

Heavy contractions are common when the third trimester is to end. When the labor time gets close it is natural to have contractions and pain but during the early third trimester, if the contractions happen it is a sign of premature labor which is uncommon and rare and must be diagnosed early. Very few ladies go through premature labor pain and contractions and thus are a rare complication.

Contraction In The Third Starting Of Trimester

7. Preeclampsia

This is also a rare disorder which instable and imbalances your blood pressure and causes potentially high blood pressure, severe headache, immense pain in the abdomen, visual problems, and intense swelling. After the second trimester of pregnancy this disorder can happen and if you feel the extreme symptoms of this disorder you must consult the doctor for proper advice and medication. Thus you must not consider this complication as a rare complication and avoid it though you face its symptoms.