7 Shocking Causes For Early Skin Ageing

All human beings want to look young. Ageing is a word banned in our lives and all of us fear looking old. Particularly looking old while we are still young is a terrifying thing. There are many reasons for young people looking old and these reasons range from lifestyle to environmental factors. While some reasons have been taught to us as a habit by our elders at home there are many shocking things that act as the basis for early skin ageing. Irrespective of what the reason is it is imperative that we take care of our skin in a healthy manner so early skin ageing can be avoided.

Here Are The 7 Shocking Causes For Early Skin Ageing:

1. Limitless Exercising

We all know that exercising is good for general health. But we come across exercise maniacs who love to exercise more than required. This over exercising must be avoided since it lessens the oxygen supply to vital area of the body. The blood flow is also controlled in such a way that the top portion of the body tends to get lesser blood flow. This causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Limitless exercising

2. Exposure To Computer

Excessive exposure to Computer causes the skin to contract causing wrinkles. Wrinkles form in a faster manner and get to stay in the skin. The ultra violet rays emitted from the Computer monitor and the office stress experienced put together spoils the texture of the skin quickly that the skin tends to look older than it ought to be.

Exposure to Computer

3.  Air Conditioners Cause Havoc

Air conditioners are no doubt luxuries in life one likes to enjoy particularly to escape from the heat waves that affect us in a huge manner. But the flip side of using air conditioners is the harmful effect it has on our skins. It makes the skin so dry that the skin tends to lose its texture because of which wrinkles are formed all over. These wrinkles and black lines stay back portraying the skin as an aged one.

Air conditioners cause havoc

4. Non Usage Of Sun Glasses

Many people have the habit of not using sun glasses when going out on scorching sun. Not wearing sun glasses while getting exposed to sun makes the skin around the eyes dry causing wrinkles. This can spread across spreading the signs of ageing. This also causes dark circles around the eyes.

Non usage of Sun glasses

5. Drinking Through Straws

Many people tend to drink through straws. While this is comfortable and makes it easier to drink, the movement of your lips when you sip through straws creates unwanted lines around the mouth. These lines create little wrinkles in the supporting muscles around the mouth giving an aged look.

Drinking through straws

6. Contact Lens

People who wear lenses in their eyes tend to pull out the outer skin of the eyes to fix the lens inside their eyes. Constant pulling of these muscles pricking the skin loosens the muscles around the eye area. This also causes wrinkle and black lines around the eyes if done over a period of time giving the skin an aged look.

Contact Lens

7.  Sudden Weight Loss

Sometimes people may lose weight all of a sudden either due to some chronic illness or dieting and exercising. This makes the skin sag all over the body due to lack of support from muscles. This sagging skin may make you look aged.

Sudden weight loss