7 Surprising Reasons For Cramps Apart From Periods!

Reasons For Cramps Apart From Periods

A body of a female is the most delicate and complicated thing ever made by the almighty God. This we can say because of the problems they face and the nature of the problems they face. One such problem is the menstrual cycle which every female has to face. This cycle is normally known as periods in women. During this most of the women suffer from pain in different parts of the body which is termed as a cramp. But mind that periods are not the only reason behind the occurrence of cramps in a female body.

There Are Some Interesting Reasons Behind The Occurrence Of Cramps. Let Us Have A Look At Some Of Them:

1.  Crohn’s Disease

This disease is related to the digestive system of a woman. In this disease, a female suffers from swelling or irritation in different digestive parts. The main reason behind the occurrence of this disease is the malfunction of the immune system. This disease causes loose motion in the body, ulcers, and also sometimes the occurrence of blood in tools. During this disease, one can feel cramps or pain in the right lower or the middle part of the belly. Some of the other symptoms include weight loss, fatigue, and fever.

Crohn’s Disease

2. Ovulation

It is the female that carries egg and once in a month their body has to release the eggs if not fertilized. This process is called ovulation. This occurs about 10-14 days before the occurrence of periods. During this case, cramps can be noticed on one side of the lower art of the belly. This cramp can last from a minute to an hour.


3. Pregnancy Pain

Once a woman gets pregnant, the baby inside the womb which is attached to the lining of the womb or the uterus can also be the reason for cramps. This type of cramps occurs when a woman is about 4 weeks pregnant. It is the same time when the period is about to occur. So, it is advisable for any pregnant lady to visit the doctor.

Pregnancy Pain

4. The Occurrence Of Miscarriage Situation In Women

This situation is the toughest for a woman to face. Miscarriage is a situation in which the woman loses her child before she has given birth to her, during this situation, the cramps may occur like as it occurs in periods but it may get severe as it lasts longer. Other symptoms may include bleeding from the vagina.

The Occurrence Of Miscarriage Situation In Women

5. PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder)

This is caused due to the effect of some bacteria. Normally the main reason for this type of disorder is through sex. This situation affects the parts that help a woman get pregnant and raise a baby. The affected part may include womb, vagina, ovaries, etc. During this situation pain in both sides of the lower belly and also lower back is common. Other symptoms of PID is the occurrence of discharge, feeling a burning sensation during sex. If this situation occurs, one must visit a doctor.

PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder)

6. Appendicitis

It is the situation in which the appendix gets swollen. In this case, one will feel pain in the abdominal part. The pain can be severe sometimes. It is better to visit a doctor in such cases.


7. Cancer In Ovaries

Cancer in a female body is most likely to start from the ovaries. The occurrence of this cancer will come along with slight pain and feeling of pressure in the lower belly which remains continuous. In some cases, the belly also starts swelling. So better visit a doctor.

Cancer In Ovaries