7 Symptoms And Easy Steps To Treat Jaundice In Women


There are some diseases which rather work as health conditions and indicate on set of major problems in the body. Liver is the organ in our body which not only works as a food processor that  nourishes our body and detoxifies it but at the same time liver is also responsible for some metabolic functions that take place in our body. Bilirubin is an element that occurs when red blood cells in our body are broken. Liver metabolizes bilirubin and turns it into bile. When this whole process in the body somehow is interrupted health condition like Jaundice occurs.

List Of 7 Symptoms And Easy Steps To Treat Jaundice In Women

Symptoms Of Jaundice

Though jaundice is an indicator of other major diseases or problems like Hepatitis etc in the body but when jaundice occurs some symptoms or signs start to show up in the body of a man or woman. The major sign of jaundice is discoloration or yellow coloration of the skin and white part of the eye. A man or woman with jaundice can have urine of  dark yellow color and stool almost colorless. Other symptoms of jaundice that show up when the disease progresses in a woman or man involve nausea or vomiting, fever, feeling weak, itching or pruritus in the skin, headache, loss of desire of eating, abdominal pain, taste of everything eaten seems bitter etc. Like all diseases jaundice also can be treated if early detected. For this a woman has to take some easy steps as symptoms show up.


Here Are 6 Easy Steps A Woman Can Take To Treat Jaundice Early

Seek Medical Help

There are two kinds of people. One who like to see doctors as soon as they feel any discomfort in the body. The second kind always wait and do not see doctors until the disease starts to get out of hand. For first kind of people it is always advisable to see the doctor. Doctor will carry out some tests and prescribe medicines accordingly. Taking those medicines from early stage prevents chance of the disease from getting complicated.

Seek Medical Help

Food Restriction Must Be Maintained

Jaundice is mostly a liver oriented disease So when it is detected the doctor will suggest a daily  meal procedure or routin until all signs subside or the disease dies down. This food restriction normally involves plain meal without any spicy thing in it.

palin meal

Drink Lemon Juice With Water In Jaundice

Now here are some home remedies for people who do not go to the doctor very often. If symptoms show up health experts say that daily or frequent drinking of lemon juice mixed in water really helps in jaundice.

Lemon Juice With Water

Drink Turmeric Solution In Jaundice

Turmeric is the spice that has amazing disease fighting ability. It particularly is helpful for liver. According to health experts if a woman drinks less than half teaspoon of turmeric power mixed in warm water two times a day it will lower the effects of jaundice.

Milk And Turmeric

Have Papaya Leaf Paste With Honey In Jaundice

If a woman has a solution of papaya leaf paste with half teaspoon of honey regularly in jaundice it really will give her relief from the disease experts say.

leaf paste

Ginger Juice Helps In Jaundice

Health as well as food experts ask people to have ginger juice by crushing a single piece of ginger mixed with lime juice and mint juice regularly that will certainly help a patient in disease like jaundice. A patient has to drink or take this mixed solution for quite a few times in a day to have required effect on the disease. Ginger is the food which is also famous for its disease fighting ability.

Ginger Juice